Bullett Raja Trailer Poster
Bullett Raja Trailer Poster

Songs like ‘Saamne Hai Savera’, ‘Jai Govinda Jai Gopala’ and ‘Tamanche Pe Disco’ marks Bullett Raja‘s pretentious intentions.Bullett Raja is entirely thematic music album. The songs seam to be written more as per movie’s demands and thus are more situational in sense than creating a standalone image.

Bullett Raja’s music was released on 25 October 2013 and is a Sajid-Wajid creation, with a guest track “Tamanche Pe Disco” by RDB.

Track Wise Bullett Raja Music Review

  • Tamanche Pe Disco is the first track on the album.It can be classified as Indian Hip-Hop with strong upbeat music. Lyrics makes Tamanche Pe Disco edgy while the music,even though good, is unable to provide it a well support.Still it does sound good. I guess it could have been better, but yes I am not disappointed with it.
  • Saamne Hai Savera can be classified as a bollywood Romantic song. It is a nice track. well arranged, nicely sung with good music. You will feel Sajid-Wajid touch while listening it.
  • Jai Govinda Jai Gopala is served twice in the album.An original version and a remixed version.The original version is a variant of narrative singing while the remixed can easily be classified as Upbeat Pomp/ Eurodance / Trance themed.
    Both the songs have been sung by Neeraj Shridhar. But there is a drastic difference is their quality. Neeraj could not lift the average lyrics(by Shabbir Ahmed) in the original track, making it sound no-so-happening. however the beautiful remixing makes the alternate version sound much more appealing.
  • Next in the pack is Don’t Touch My Body . An average track that can be done without.It is sung by Mamta Sharma. Sadly Mamta sounds so dead and dull that is makes an item song boring. It also makes Sajid-Wajid’s effort go in vain as well.
  • And we have Satake Thoko sung by Wajid, Keerthi Sagathia and Danish Sabri. Now this could have been better than what we were served. The song has good lyrics but the music is just so common. It oscillates between two separate rhythms but fails to make proper use of such a technique. However, I like the way ‘Sata ke’ is repeated in the song.


Bullett Raja is not one of those albums which you would like to take home, but yes you would definitely not turn a deaf ear towards it. The only track that I will take from this album is “Jai Govinda Jai Gopala (Remix)”.

Soundtrack Details

Track No.TitleRatingSingerMusicLyricsTrack Length
1Tamanche Pe DiscoRDB, Nindy Kaur & RaftaarRDBRaftaar03:28
2Saamne Hai SaveraWajid, Bonnie Chakraborty, Shreya GhoshalSajid-WajidKausar Munir04:36
3Jai Govinda Jai GopalaNeeraj ShridharSajid-WajidShabbir Ahmed04:50
4Don't Touch My BodyMamta SharmaSajid-WajidSandeep Nath04:48
5Bullett RajaWajid, Keerthi SagathiaSajid-WajidKausar Munir04:26
6Satake ThokoWajid, Keerthi Sagathia, Danish SabriSajid-WajidSandeep Nath05:03
7Jai Govinda Jai Gopala (Remix)Neeraj ShridharSajid-WajidShabbir Ahmed03:27