Bigg Boss 9 Day 5- Highlights of the Day
Prince was everyone's choice today!

The day begin on a much simpler note, the housemates were seen sitting together in the common area and chatting with each other.

  • Prince revealed a peevish prank he played as a kid. He told everyone how during monsoon season, he was setting fire to dried up leaves, that’s when he saw a long-haired lady and lit her hair on fire! The housemates(and even the viewers) were surprised at how weird Prince was!!
  • Rimi admitted  that signing up Bigg Boss was not the best of her decisions and she would prefer to erase the experience from her memory once she leaves the house.
  • Bigg Boss announced that since Vikas-Yuvika and Kishwer-Aman were selected as the best performer jodis, their bags will be returned back to them!
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
All four with their bags!
  • It was cute seeing Vikas so overjoyed on getting his bag back. He immediately changed into his own clothes.
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
Happy Happy Vikas
  • Rochelle said that Prince has also performed well in the luxury budget task and he also deserves to get his bag back. Roopal also made a special request for partner Digangana’s clothes to be returned back to her. Their pleas, however, went unheeded.
  • The rest of the contestants without bags are now getting accustomed to living out of their partner’s bags.
  • Roopal also had an emotional girl talk with Digangana about her past. She accepted that she cannot trust ex-boyfriend Ankit anymore, but she still has a soft corner for him. Digangana consoled Roopal as she breaks down into tears.
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
Cry Baby Roopal
  • This and other things, like the lack of coffee in the house are seriously testing Roopal’s patience and she was seen requesting Bigg Boss to give her some coffee!
  • All of a sudden, the entry door opened and a lot of dancers entered the house to celebrate the festival of Navratri by doing Garba. The housemates danced to their heart’s content, everyone enjoyed a lot.
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
Garba Fever!
  • After the Garba, the housemates were introduced to a special app task to shop for essential commodities. They could shop for kitchen items and other knick-knacks within a limited period of time. The housemates finally decided on a refrigerator and a microwave.
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
App Shopping Task
  • Bigg Boss, feeling generous, threw an offer at the housemates that they cannot refuse- An opportunity to make an appeal to the captain jodi Vikas and Yuvika to exchange their partners with a preferred partner.
  • Rimi was especially excited on hearing this news. It was evident how badly she wanted not to be tied to Suyyash.
  • Contestants were seen having a closed-room conversation with the captain jodi about their desires.
Bigg Boss Day 5- Highlights of the Day
Captain Jodi having a discussion
  • Keith and Mandana decided to stick to each other. Rochelle and Prince also expressed no desire to part ways, as did DiganganaRoopal and AnkitArvind.
  • On the other hand, Suyyash yearned to exchange his partner, he felt could perform better without Rimi. Kishwer and Aman, too, made a petition to switch partners.
  • Prince emerged as the partner of choice for everyone.
  • Vikas and Yuvika, after a lot of discussion, decide to pair-up Suyyash with Prince and Rimi with Rochelle. They all accepted the decision without any resistance.
  • Sadly, Kishwer and Aman couldn’t exchange their partners since they were the captain contenders and a stronger Jodi among others.
  • After dinner, Mandana makes a complaint to the captains that Ankit & Arvind, who were supposed to clean the kitchen area did not do it properly.
  • Before going to sleep, Suyyash told his girlfriend Kishwer that he can’t stand Aman influencing her any more. Kishwer admitted that even she is fed up of being tied to Aman and urged Bigg Boss to take back her clothes but free her from Aman.

Let’s see what happens the next day.


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