Bigg Boss 9 | Wild Card Entry Priya Malik did a really wild thing!
Priya Malik in Bigg Boss 9

Prepare yourself for the biggest shock in the history of Bigg Boss! Because Priya Malik just peed all over herself during a task!

No, I am not kidding!

This happened during a task given by Bigg Boss, where the housemates had to complete the task that would give them immunity for two weeks, but on one condition! To win this much-needed immunity, all the contestants had to stuff themselves inside two cars and whoever would stay the longest wins. Obviously, everyone was very excited and determined about the task, trying their best to stay inside for the longest time.

It was clear that Priya Malik was the most determined to win. Suddenly, she started the feel to go the loo but couldn’t since that would mean she is out of the task. So, she ended up peeing in her pants with other contestants- Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince and Rochelle still inside the car with her! Ughhh! I wonder how disgusted they would have felt, but they had no other option but to stay put!

Bigg Boss 9 is now getting exciting. We are waiting for more such shocking instances.


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