Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11| Small Highlights of Day 10 and Day 11
The new house captain

Here are the short highlights of Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11

Day 10

The episode began with Suyyash and Prince toiling at the chakki while everyone else is asleep, to earn a few extra points for the Lagaan task.

  • The housemates wake up and the thought of labouring in the scorching heat for the second day of the task made them edgy. Supervisor Arvind, kept a close watch on the workers throughout the night, but dozed off to sleep on a bench placed in the porch.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 1
Housemates discussing some innovative way
  • Rimi admitted to having no more will power to bear the rigorous task, other housemates could not agree more with her. To win the tiring Lagaan task, the housemates try to come up with innovative ideas to end the tiring task.
  • After having a conversation with Bigg Boss about the task, worried that he may loose Keith decided to steal the coins from the pot kept aside for the Zamindaars. Suyyash immediately decides to go against it. Mandana and Keith take the charge of conducting the theft.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 2
Keith & Mandana stealing the gold coins
  • After much contradiction, Prince, Suyyash, Digangana decide to confess Mandana‘s stealing to Aman and Kishwar. Mandana was visibly upset with this decision and insisted on counting all the coins before returning them.
  • This started another battle between Mandana and the rest of the team mates. Furious and annoyed Mandana removed her belt and mike and threw it away mentioning that she is always on everyone’s radar in the house.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 3
Furious Mandana
  • The brawl and constant bickering took a toll on Mandana and she ultimately fell ill. It went to such an extent that a doctor was summoned to put her on saline for a quick recovery.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 4
Mandana taking rest
  • Looking at Mandana’s situation, Rochelle broke down and started praying for her recovery. To everyone’s relief, Bigg Boss announced the end of Lagaan task as the action-packed day comes to an end.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights-5
Rochelle breaks down
  • Aman and Kishwar were announced the winners of the luxury budget task and as a reward were free to untie themselves from each other. Surprisingly, Suyyash was not at all happy at her victory. The cameras caught Suyyash complaining to Prince about not being acknowledged for toiling so hard for the task.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 6
The winners of Lagaan Task

Day 11

The housemates woke up with the song ‘Meri Marzi’ setting the mood to own their freedom in the house for the day.

  • Taking the wake-up song seriously, Yuvika asks Rimi if they should work at all. Rimi wonders out loud the consequences if Suyyash and Prince ever become captains.
  • While checking on Mandana who is asleep on her bed, Prince hugs her which makes her very uncomfortable.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 8
Prince hugging Mandana
  • Bigg Boss asked the worker team to make a consensus decision about one Jodi who was instrumental in their loss. At this point, a clear rift arises between the two trios – Mandana-Keith-Rochelle and Prince-Suyyash-Kishwer. Neither of the sides were willing to reveal the name of the worst performers.
  • Majority of the house agreed that Keith and Mandana did not perform well while Rochelle immediately jumped to their defense saying that Keith in fact did most of the work. This aggravated Prince and Suyyash who claimed that they did most of the work through the night.
  • Suyyash blamed Rochelle and Rimi for wasting two hours in getting ready during the course of the task.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 9
The Blame Game
  • When things cool down a bit, Kishwer was seen discussing with Suyyash and Prince how Rochelle’s over-protectiveness for Keith could backfire on her. Even Rimi separately explained to her the same thing outside. She suggested Rochelle to keep a cool mind and not overreact when it comes to Keith because it could reflect badly on her.
  • Then Bigg Boss announced that since Aman and Kishwer won the Lagaan task, they will now compete for captaincy with a game of tug-of-war. The housemates will be divided into Team Kishwer and Team Aman and they get the freedom to pick sides.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 & 11- Highlights- 7
Team Kishwer
  • Suyyash-Prince, Rochelle-Rimi, Vikas-Yuvika chose Kishwer’s side, while Arvind, Keith, Digangana-Roopal root for Aman. Mandana was asked to supervise the game and was given the right to announce the captain based on her fair decision.
  • Mandana was seen telling Keith that she would like to see Aman as the captain and Keith agreed with her. When Rochelle said that she chose Kishwer because of Rimi, Mandana said it was a good thing because they must always keep their enemies close.
  • The luxury budget for the week dictated that Aman and Kishwer will be the only rightful owners to the luxurious items, they played it smart and decided upon items which can be sustained for over a week. In this way, their housemates will also benefit from the win.
  • In the end, Kishwer wins the task and is assigned the role of house captain for the coming week.
  • The day ended with Mandana crying over feeling cornered and the rest of the housemates spent time consoling her.

This is just the beginning my friends!


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