Atypical Season 4 Trailer Shows Sam Sets His Sights on Impossible Goal
Atypical Season 4 trailer

The fourth and final season of the comedy-drama series ‘Atypical’ arrives next month on Netflix.

Netflix released the trailer for the fourth and final season of Atypical, a touching comedy-drama about Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), a teenager who has autistic spectrum disorder. The trailer is heart-touching and promises an emotional and moving end.

In the trailer, Sam continues his journey to independence as he moves to a new home. His mother, Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), doesn’t hide how proud she is and also tells him that she’ll call him every night. These moments in the trailer are emotional and heart-breaking. As if moving out of his house wasn’t tough, Sam will have to face the academic ordeal. Amidst all this, Sam continues to think about his future. Watch the promo here:

Here’s the synopsis for Atypical’s Season 4:

Atypical tells the story of Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), a young man on the autism spectrum looking for love and independence. In the fourth and final season, each character faces a challenge they never anticipated and Sam sets his sights on a nearly impossible goal.

Atypical’s first season premiered in 2017 received mixed reviews. It was criticized for the lack of autistic members in the cast. However, the production team was quick to respond, and from season two more actors and writers with autism get onboard. This development worked out as the second and third seasons received tremendous reviews.

Atypical: Details about the series

Robia Rashid serves as showrunner. Rashid, Mary Rohlich, and Seth Gordon are executive producers of the series. The core star cast for the upcoming season will remain the same. Keir Gilchrist will continue to play Sam, with Jason Leigh as his overprotective mother Elsa. Brigette Lundy-Paine plays Sam’s younger sister Casey and Michael Rapaport is dad and husband Doug.

The previous three seasons of Atypical are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 comprising of 10 episodes will arrive on Netflix on July 9, 2021.

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