Five Minutes Updos
Five Minutes Updos For This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, where we start searching chic hairstyles everywhere. Let’s get real for just a second, are you also scrolling the internet to get one simple yet utterly stylish updo?

Then, kick your Valentine’s day look up a notch by turning your regular bun in these five trendiest way.

  1. Sweetheart Bun
    Sweetheart Bun

    Give your usual boring bun a polish with a simple twist. To recreate this heart bun, make a hair doughnut first, heart shape it using bobby pins in the upper mid.

  2. Summer Style Bun
    Valentines day
    Summer Style Bun

    Use a stretchy headband, take large sections of locks and wrap around the band by tucking in the loose strands with bobby pins.

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  3. Scarf Style Low Bun
    low bun style
    Scarf Style Low Bun

    Take that bun from blah to ooh la with a lovely printed scarf, by simply wrapping it around your already made messy bun.

  4. One Sided Bun Braided
    Bun Braided
    One Sided Bun Braided

    Make a braid from half of your hair and wrap it with the rest strides a low side simply behind your ear and secure the whole bun with bobby pins.

  5. The Perfect Braided Headband
    Braided Headband
    The Perfect Braided Headband

    Recreate this look by braiding the locks from behind, make a runway bun and lastly twist this braid neatly at the bottoms.

I’m game, are you?


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