Rome K Chopra : Man behind $5 Bollywood movie
Rome K Chopra

When I first met Rome K Chopra, I knew he was an actor but the way he directed a movie using two famous Bollywood songs and that too with a run time of 9 mins was more than enough to prove there is more to him than just an actor.

Rome Keshav Chopra’s $5 Bollywood movie is as interesting as its title is. It was named $5 Bollywood Movie after the total cost of making this short movie! Crazy isn’t it.

About the Movie

The movie comments on the phase of life that everyone passes through once. There is a time when we are so lost and aimless yet we are so engrossed in ourselves, that the only place we think our solace might be is being a wanderlust. During this we often tend to ignore the most important things of our life, the people we love.

Rome highlights this beautifully through the movie. He is able to bring out the under lying irony that we find our answers, ourselves in the people we were ignoring…i.e. the people we love.

The Clip has a run time of 9 minutes and is beautifully spun over Illahi from Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani & the theme title track of Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gam.

The Movie

The Movie Went Viral on Vimeo with more than 100,000 hits. Rome Recently Launched it on Youtube.

A bit about the Director

Rome K Chopra, is a Punjabi Videshi Indian. He was born in New Jersey, USA and has spend most of his days there. He has been passionate about movie making since a tender age and has lately grown more serious and committed towards his passion.He has taken a course in New York Film Academy and wants to settle in Mumbai someday giving shape to Indian cinema.