'2 Many Girls' Vs ' One Bottle Down'
'2 Many Girls' Vs ' One Bottle Down' Music Video Showdown Review

So, does it instigates a blood war over web ? or will there be masses trying to kill me for doing this? well, I don’t know anything as of now but yes, I thought of comparing both the video songs and see which one of the desi hip hop rockstars performed better.

Let’s first take ‘2 Many Girls’ which flocked in YouTube on 19th February 2015- ‘2 Many Girls‘ by Fazilpuria, Badshah hits out with beautiful guitar setting the stage.  Falizpuriya and Badshah entering the stage in Lamborghini without big musical thump but excellent pomp. An outhouse, a big Lucius house party and sweet for ears music embezzles almost the most of this musical video. The shifts are very smooth and this is a class hip hop without senseless sound shows.

Verdict: Good show

Next is Honey Singh’s  One Bottle down – The music is regular Yo Yo types and catchy. The stage is all girls and a club with electric trance atmosphere. Yo Yo’s music though is repetitive yet doesn’t bore you, what irks your patience is his plain lyrics. Neither his hip hop rap does its magic nor does the rhythm makes much.

Verdict: Appears weak, especially as a response video.

Though Yo Yo’s One Bottle Down has more hits (obviously his wider fan spread), the like/dislike ratio for Falizpuriya and Badshah’s ‘2 Many Girls’ is marginally better. Still, ‘2 Many Girls’ appears in a better shape than the latter.

Agree or disagree, Judge yourself?



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