15 Crore! Deepika hikes charges in forthcoming films
Deepika Padukone

With the demand for 15 Crore Deepika, the “Queen of Bollywood” has made her point clear

Deepika Padukone has recently won many awards and recognition for her films in 2015. And it seems with the new beginning of year Deepika also wants to start a fresh with the remuneration as well. With the demand for 15 Crore Deepika is upright in the league. Deepika in the recent past has turned out to be one of the finest female actor in Bollywood and with her consistent performance throughout the year she revs up the cycle of her success.

15 Crore Deepika
Deepika Padukone

As reported, Deepika earlier used to charge around Rs. 10 Crore per film but it seems the remuneration is not well paid. With some biggest blockbuster hits like “Bajirao Mastani“, “Piku” and critically acclaimed “Tamasha” she has earned all the attention and rapport. The “Queen of Bollywood” now demands for the hike with increase of about 50% of her current fee leading to a whooping Rs. 15 Crore per film.

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We have heard a lot about inequality on remuneration for Bollywood and have witnessed the voice being raised that the female actors are under paid. Well, this is not specifically correct because the Indian cinema is male actors oriented in some or the other way. We can see that the movies with lead female actors din’t turn out to earn any close on box office when compared to any male actors’. So, the reason is quite evident why female actors are paid less. However, all said, it doesn’t at all means that female actors showed be underpaid.

Deepika is one of the most popular female face of Bollywood and her demand seem quite justifiable.