Most Popular Roles Of Sridevi - Lamhe

Indian Cinema will never be same without Sridevi and these 10 iconic roles are enough to prove us right.

Sridevi who passed away on 24th Feb 2018, left us with many unforgettable films and roles that are no less than poetry on the screen given her beauty and talent. A store house of talent that she is, she brought alive the most complex characters and experimented with cinema for which she is rightly called the first female super star of Indian cinema. Check out this list of 10 of her most splendid characters on the screen.

Chandni (1989): In one of the most beautifully pictured movies of Bollywood, Sridevi not only looked stunning with light make-up, paste coloured salwar suits and sarees but also gave life to a memorable character of Chandni who fights all own problems to unite with her lover. The songs, “Mere Haathoan Mein” and “Chandni” are among the most popular ones even today.

Sadma (1983): The role in Sadma is perhaps the most iconic one as it captured the mind of a 24 years old girl who goes back to her 7 years old self after meeting with an accident. Sridevi’s award winning performance showed her calibre to portray this complex character alongside another versatile actor Kamal Hasan. The songs like “Ae Zindagi Gale Le” and “Surmayee Akhiyoan Mein” are timeless renditions.

Most Popular Roles Of Sridevi - Sadma in 1983Chaalbaaz (1989): A remake of the classic SeetaAur Geeta by Hema Malini, this modern version with Sridevi playing twin sisters- one the shy and submissive Anju and the other bold, deceptive and smart Manu established her as the lady super star in the real sense. It is a laugh riot and also a melodrama with Sunny Deol and Rajnikant playing the love interest of both the characters. Remember, “Kisi KeHaath Na Aayegi Ye Ladki”?

Laadla (1994): Till then we had actresses playing the shy and homely ladies confirming to social norms but Sridevi’s character of Sheetal broke all stereotypes. She was a shot tempered, arrogant and insensitive rich girl who is tamed by a noble and good willing Anil Kapoor. She spells her popular dialogue in the movie, “Understand? You Better Understand.”

Mr. India (1987): The biggest family entertainer, liked by both children and adults alike, Sridevi played a reporter in Mr. India. It was her future husband, Boney Kapoor’s production and was one of the biggest family blockbusters. There is a popular songs medley in the movie and of course who can forget “Kaate Nahi Kathte”

Most Popular Roles Of Sridevi - Mr IndiaNagina and Nigahein (1986, 1989): Sridevi brought to life on screen the mythological character of “Naagin” in a beautiful and dramatic way. After the success of the first part with Rishi Kapoor playing the male lead, it was later remade with Sunny Deol playing the lead with Sridevi reprising her role of Naagin again.

English Vinglish (2012): After a long hiatus, one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood returned to movies with a dream role that suited her age and calibre. It was English Vinglish that brought to her another era of fame and admiration as she portrayed an Indian mother in the US who faces her own weaknesses as she sets out to make a mark for herself.

Most Popular Roles Of Sridevi - English WinglishLamhe (1991): This Yash Chopra film is a rare story of a young girl falling in love with a man much older than her. Interestingly the same man was unrequitedly in love with her mother too.

Most Popular Roles Of Sridevi - LamheKhuda Gawah (1992): It wasn’t the first time she was acting with Amitabh Bachchan but it was the first she was playing an Afghan princess and later her daughter. Again, Sridevi played mother-daughter roles here. We cannot forget Sridevi in the heavy attire matching shoulder to shoulder with the lofty personality of Amitabh Bachchan.

These roles are enough to prove that she was at another level when it comes to acting. RIP Mam.