Top 5 Movies Depicting Gambling Business
Movies Depicting Gambling Business

There is no business like the movie industry and it does not only set fashion trends but also affects industries. An industry like Gambling is a very popular and rapid increase in the quantity of online casinos proof the demand for such industry is very high. Due to the thrill of gambling, several movies had part of gambling. From casino movies, the casino industry earns profits. Though gambling has a negative image in our society it’s also true, as the name implies, gambling, it can be done anytime and you will be able to earn a huge profit.

Movies that show gambling in the part of the movie, always create a strong plot for that. We all know how James bond works in different gambling movies. He used card games like scraps and baccarat and he tried to dominate his opponent always. If you want to know which movies depicting the gambling business in Hollywood, then this article is just for you. Here’s a look at the list of top 5 movies depicting the gambling business.

1. Lucky you

This is one of the great movies which were made in the year 2007. The film is set in the high stake world of professional gambling in Las Vegas. Here, people will find the main character name Eric Bana; he played like a superstar poker and he had a complicated relationship as well. This movie shows us million better sports and a big game at the end of the movie as well. But two-character name Bana and Duvall always find some truth in their character. But the movie was a disaster at the box office after release and its hot streak was over always.

2. 21

This movie was released in the year 2008 and the base of the movie is gambling. This movie was made with a true story and several actors played for this movie. It includes a lot of young, handsome actors and includes Kevin spacy. This movie was criticized for whitewashing and it was turned into the most Asian-American real-life players into generic white people. Here, this movie was showing a smart gambling approach and playing mode details.

3. Let it Ride

This is another old movie which was released in the year 1989. This movie was depicted as a comedy movie but it also includes lots of massage for viewers. The cast of this movie was Richard Dreyfuss who for one day, hits on every single bet at the horse races, and this was inspired him to push harder and keep it going far. But this inspiration turns into a disaster at the end of the movie. It is just an 80s comedy. In this movie, if you will watch now you will find many comedic seen which help you to laugh but it also depicted the world of the gambling business.

4. The Cooler

This is another best movie and the movie was released in the year 2003. Here you will find a name Bernie, the character is a professional loser and his main job is to ruin any high rollers hot steak by playing at the same craps table. Here, you will find him as a sad and funny character who had massive debt and was studying to recover from gambling. But once he loves a good woman, that might change his luck. This movie is all about the love and crowd-pleasing sentiment who hasn’t stopped betting himself. You can find many portions related to gambling and provided lots of information about the gambling world.

5. Molly’s Game

This movie is based on a true story, Molly’s game is based on the memory of Molly Bloom who was a former champion skier, and after an accident, she changed her career and shift to poker. She becomes the queen of this organization’s stack games and she becomes addicted to gambling games. This is a complete thriller movie and viewers feel Molly’s rush. You will also meet with some truly heartbreaking characters containing Bill Camps’ hopeless gambler.

Above these 5 cinemas depicted already the gambling world, its profit and loss and risk ratio details. Gambling includes profit, loss, and risk. Good poker can earn huge profits whereas wrong calculation can make a disaster in your life. There are several movies worldwide where directors tried to create a picture about the gambling world. But if you want to know about the real gambling industry, you’d better check with the experts. The guys from Exycasinos know much about it and can help you to compare Hollywood depicted casinos to real ones.