Ranveer has an ex-girlfriend from Paris!
Ranveer has an ex-girlfriend from Paris!

Ranveer Singh got his candid best yesterday at the launch of ‘Befikre’ trailer. He didn’t think twice before taking on a question that prodded him to reveal details about his Paris trip with his girlfriend. Ranveer revealed, “I had come many years ago with my girlfriend. I have also had a Parisian girlfriend by the way. A beautiful Moroccan girl.( Laughs)” Amused by the reaction that everyone instantly had in response to Ranveer’s this confession, he further added, “Yes! I have had many memorable life experiences in this city. It has some wonderful people.” Well, although Ranveer didn’t reveal the name of his Parisian girl but the fact he was in a relationship with one has definitely got our eyebrows raised.

Ranveer even admitted to holidaying with the love of his life saying, “I have come here on a romantic holiday with my lover”, without really naming who is he actually referring to – his ex-Parisian girlfriend or his current flame – Deepika Padukone.

Ranveer went further describing their strength. “Women of India and France are sensitive, stronger and superior to men. I am a lover of women. I am truly fascinated and infatuated by the fairer sex. I have had French and Indian girlfriends. I have beautiful memories attached with all of them. So I can’t differentiate” said Ranveer.

‘Befikre’ trailer has been launched and audience haven’t really given it a thumbs up due to its excessive kissing scenes and ‘Friends with Benefits’ type of plot. Directed by Aditya Chopra and co-starring Vaani Kapoor, the film is set to release on 9th Dec,2016.


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