Netflix Feb 2021 releases
New On Netflix In February 2021

The streaming service Netflix has benefited enormously from the global corona pandemic and the associated appeals to stay at home. The provider recently jumped the threshold of 200 million paying subscribers, according to the company’s quarterly report on Tuesday. Accordingly, Netflix gained around 8.5 million paying users in the fourth quarter despite slight price increases and stood at almost 204 million.

Throughout the past year, Netflix gained 37 million paying users. The company posted sales of $ 6.6 billion (5.4 billion euros) in the past quarter – a whopping 21.5% over the same period last year. However, profits fell from $ 587 million to $ 542 million during this period. Nevertheless, Netflix shares rose by over t12% in after-hours trading.

Netflix was “deeply grateful” for being able to offer its users a place of “refuge, connection and joy” in these challenging times, the company wrote in a message to investors. Within two years, the streaming service almost doubled its users from 111 million at the beginning of 2018 to 203.7 million.

Netflix is ​​the undisputed market leader among streaming services. However, the company is facing serious competition from providers such as Disney +, Amazon Prime and Apple TV + – who are also benefiting from the corona pandemic.

New film and series highlights in February 2021

Godzilla 2 – King of the Monsters: It is a direct sequel to the 2014 film remake Godzilla. In the second part, the so-called king of the monsters competes against various titans based on the Japanese monsters of the Toho Studios. The film was not as well received by the critics as it was by the audience. The trailer will be accessible on YouTube because there are movie channels that have millions of subscribers on YouTube channels.

Baywatch: Another reissue, in which case no monsters are returning. Instead, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron gather to bring the 90s cult series of the same name into the modern age. The two lifeguards try to protect their beach from a criminal conspiracy.

News from the world: Originally, the western film with Tom Hanks was supposed to be released in German cinemas in January. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, nothing will come of it, instead, Netflix secured the rights.

In the film, Hanks plays the Civil War veteran Jefferson Kyle Kidd, who makes a living as a news messenger in the Wild West. One day he involuntarily receives the assignment to accompany ten-year-old Johanna, who previously grew up with the indigenous people. On the way to their relatives, the two have to face a number of obstacles.

Tribes of Europa: In 2074, Europe disintegrated into many microstates after a catastrophe. Individual tribes, the eponymous tribes, fight for supremacy. The plot follows the siblings’ Liv, Kiano and Elja from the Origines tribe, who live secluded and peaceful for themselves – until they stumble in the middle of a conflict. After Dark and How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), Tribes of Europa is the next series from Germany to start directly on Netflix.

The Crew: Kevin James, the former King of Queens, returns to Netflix for a new sitcom. The Crew is about a NASCAR team whose previous work has been turned upside down due to a new boss. Shortly afterwards, chief mechanic Kevin, played by Kevin James, finds himself with his troops in conflict with the technology-spoiled millennials of the new team management.

Besides these, there is a lot coming to Netflix in Feb 2021. Keep your eyes open.