Loki Episode 6: Finale Release Date and Time, Runtime and Spoilers
Loki on Disney Plus

After WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Marvel’s third original miniseries is almost here. 

Marvel’s new miniseries Loki is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. As depicted in Marvel comics and movies, Loki is Thor’s brother and the God of Mischief. After a string of side roles in Thor and Avengers movies, Tom Hiddleston is getting his exclusive TV series. The miniseries is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and its events take place after the events of the movie Avengers: Endgame (2019), in which an alternate version of Loki created a new timeline.

Loki is a part of Phase 4 of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). It is MCU’s third mini TV series for Disney+ after ‘Wandavision‘ and ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’ After the success of the previous two shows, the fans are super excited for Loki. With a few hours left for Loki’s premiere, here’s is everything you need to know about its release.

Loki episode 1 release date

Loki releases on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 9 – instead of Friday, June 11 as originally planned.

When is the Loki episode 1 release time?

Loki’s release time on Disney+ should be the same as the other Marvel Studios series. Assuming that there is no change, Loki Episode 1 releases at 12:01 am PT, 3:01 am ET, and 8:01 am GMT on Wednesday, June 9. New content is released worldwide at the same time. Here is when Loki episode 1 will arrive in various time zones:

  • Central time: 2.01 am on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
  • Eastern time: 3.01 am on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
  • British time: 8.01 am on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
  • Central European time: 9.01 am on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
  • India time: 12:31 pm on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
  • Australia time: 4:31 pm on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

For Indian viewers, the show will be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Loki’s episode count and release schedule on Disney+

Like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there are only six episodes. A new episode will be released every Wednesday opening with its premiere on June 9th. Unless there is no change in schedule, the Loki season 1 finale will release on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

Loki episode 1 runtime

According to Discussing Film’s Diego Andaluz, the Loki episode 1 runtime is around 51 minutes, while the second episode is slightly longer at 54 minutes. This makes it the longest series premiere of any of Marvel’s Disney+ shows, beating The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiere’s 50-minute runtime and the WandaVision premiere’s 30-minute runtime.

Since Loki season 1 has only six episodes, the runtime of all episodes would be in the 50 to 60 minutes range.

How to watch Loki episode 1?

Loki is a Disney+ exclusive series for Marvel like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It will be available to stream only to the paid subscribers of Disney+. The streaming service is now available worldwide.