Jackie Shroff's cool reaction on Krishna Shroff's Topless Pics
Krishna Shroff Topless Pics

Internet just broke down when the ‘Topless’ pictures of Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna Shroff went on the air. Everyone seems to have their own reaction. When Jackie was asked about these pics, he had the coolest response to all this.

He said:

[pull_quote_center]I don’t like interfering in my kids’ lives. Both Tiger and Krishna are well brought up kids and they understand what to do and how to do. They will be the best to answer about themselves. I don’t like talking about them because I am comfortable with whatever they do.[/pull_quote_center]

In defense of his daughter, he further added:

[pull_quote_center]Let me clarify one thing- she is not topless in the pictures. For a picture to be topless, you won’t be wearing anything. You should have checked the picture a little more clearly. She has a towel wrapped around her. How can you even call it a topless picture[/pull_quote_center]

Lesson learnt Jaggu Dada. Now, we actually know what’s the topless pictures are.