Paan Singh Tomar movie Poster
Paan Singh Tomar movie Poster

Its Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka at 60 National Film awards, as three small budget  but big at heart movies make big at this year’s National Film awards. Finally its a time for the true and sensible movie lovers to cheer up as the three best movies of last year(best in terms of content, treatment and execution) make large at this year’s National Film awards. Much like previous years, this year too, National Film awards goes to the one who are best when it comes to talent and creativity, one who set a new standards when it comes to real film making. Once again its the true talent which has been duly rewarded.

To start with, its Paan Singh Tomar which grabs the award for the best feature film while its lead Irrfan shared the best actor trophy with Vikram Gokhale for Marathi film Anumati.

Vicky Donar makes even bigger with three national awards. First, its Annu Kapoor for best supporting actor, Dolly Ahluwalia for best supporting actress and the biggest one is the Best film for wholesome entertainment. Kahaani on the other hand won the award for the best original screenplay.

Film making is not about earning 100 crores at  Box Office, its about passion, its about touching the hearts of audience with true and dedicated effort.

There is one thing that we can say to these lovely filmmakers, Choti Filmein Choti Nahi Hoti, Unme kucch Hota Hai Jo Unhe Bada Banata hai, aur jo Filmein Badi hoti hoti hai, woh Filmfare nahi  National award winners hoti hai.

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