Kaabil Total Lifetime Collection And Box Office Verdict (Hit Or Flop)
Kaabil Total Lifetime Collection And Box Office Verdict (Hit Or Flop)

Kaabil Total Lifetime Collection And Box Office Verdict: Lifetime collection and verdict of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil.

The Box Office clash between Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer ‘Kaabil‘ and Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees was touted to be the biggest clashes of all time. However, it turned one-sided as Raees took a huge lead in the first week. Kaabil bounced back in the second and third week but that was too late. Kaabil could have done far better if the makers have avoided the clash. The movie received good reception from the audience and critics but in the end was defeated by a bigger film (Raees) and SRK’s star power. Let’a have a look at Kaabil total lifetime collection and box office verdict.

Kaabil Total Box Office Collection: Highlights

Kaabil 1st Day Collection: 10.43 crores
Kaabil 1st Weekend Collection: 38.87 crores (3 days)
Kaabil 1st Week Collection: 75.08 crores (7 days)
Kaabil 2nd Week Collection: 21.5 crores
Kaabil Lifetime collection: 104 crores (Domestic only, Expected)
Kaabil Lifetime collection (Overseas): $4.2 M (29 crores)

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Kaabil Day-Wise Box Office Collection In India

Day 1 (Wed)  – 10.43 Cr.

Day 2 (Thu)  – 18.67 Cr.

Day 3 (Fri) – 9.77 Cr.

Day 4 (Sat) – 13.54 Cr.

Day 5 (Sun) – 15.05 Cr.

Day 6 (Mon) – 4.1 Cr.

Day 7 (Tue) – 3.52 Cr.

Day 8 (Wed) – 3.5 Cr.

Day 9 (Thu) – 3.6 Cr.

Day 10 (Fri) – 2.51 Cr.

Day 11 (Sat) – 4 Cr.

Day 12 (Sun) – 5.2 Cr.

Day 13 (Mon) – 1.5 Cr.

Day 14 (Tue) – 1.33 Cr.

Day 15 (Wed) – 1.25 Cr.

Day 16 (Thu) – 1.3 Cr.

Day 17 (Fri) – 0.55 Cr.

Day 18 (Sat) – 0.90 Cr.

Day 19 (Sun) – 1.20 Cr.

Day 20 (Mon) to Day 23 (Thu) – 1.25 Cr.

TOTAL (NETT) – 104 Cr.

Total Collection: Budget, Revenue and Profit/Loss

Cost and recovery

Production Cost: 50 crores 
Prints and Publicity Cost: 20 crores
Total Costs to Recover for Producers: 70 crores


India Theatrical Distributor Share: 48 crores
Overseas Distributor Share: 14 crores
Satellite Rights: 45 crores
Music Rights: 8 crores
Home Video rights: 3 crores
Branding: 8 crores

Total Recovery/Profit/Loss

Profit/loss for producers= (Revenue) – (Budget+ promotion cost) = (50+16+ 45+8+3+8) – (70) = 60 crores (Rakesh Roshan made 60 crores profit)

Profit/loss for distributors (domestic) = 50 – 48 = 2 crores ( Loss)

Profit/loss for distributors (overseas) = 16 – 14 = 2 crores ( Loss)

The producers have made huge profits by playing safe and distributing the domestic and overseas rights at a reasonable price. The domestic rights of the movie were sold to individual distributors for 50 crores. While the overseas rights were sold for 16 crores.

Kaabil Total Lifetime Collection and Verdict

Kaabil worldwide Box Office collection (nett): 104 crores + 29 crores = 133 crores
Kaabil worldwide Box Office collection (gross):  144 crores + 29 crores = 173 crores
Final Verdict: Average (Profitable for producers but losses for distributors)

Kaabil Lifetime Collection And Box Office Verdict: Highlights

  1. Kaabil is Hrithik Roshan’s fourth highest grossing movie after Krrish 3, Bang Bang and Agneepath.
  2. It is Yami Gautam’s highest grossing movie.
  3. Kaabil is Hrithik Roshan’s fourth 100 crore movie after Krrish 3, Bang Bang and Agneepath.

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  1. watched both raaes and kaabil..kaabil was wayyyy better…but u know what srk has more fans than our dearest duggu..so it was known from b4..but as we all know and accepted by the critics as well hrithik was brilliant…what more do u need..let srk fans do whatever they want..who cares…anyways i am a hrithik fan

  2. Y this site is showing false figures … bloody srkians harr jagah kaabil ka collection in India 133 crore dikha rahe. Even the box office distributer has said that kaabil has collected 133 crore . N this site is showing so much of wrong figures . Seems like srk ne paise diye hain inhe..

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