Airlift Lifetime Box Office Collection And Final Verdict
Akshay anAkshay and Nimrat in Airliftd Nimrat

‘Airlift’ starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur was released on 22 Jan 2016. The movie performed way above expectations and currently is the highest grosser of the year with the lifetime collection of 128+ crores. After six weeks of a successful run at the Box Office, the movie is out of most theaters and is expected to wrap its Box Office journey by the end of this week. Let’s have a look at the total lifetime collection/cost/revenue and Box Office verdict of Airlift.

Airlift Total Box Office Collection: Highlights

Airlift 1st Day Collection: 12.35 crores
Airlift 1st Weekend Collection: 44.3 crores
Airlift 1st Week Collection: 83.5 crores
Airlift 2nd Week Collection: 28.8 crores
Airlift 3rd Week Collection: 12 crores
Airlift Lifetime collection: 128 crores (Domestic only)
Airlift Lifetime collection (Overseas): $ 6.75 M (46 crores)

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Airlift is Akshay Kumar’s second highest grosser of all time behind Rowdy Rathore (135 Crores). Here are some other Box Office records created by ‘Airlift’.

  1. Highest opening week grosser for Akshay Kumar with the collection of 83.5 crores.
  2. Highest opening day grosser of 2016 till March 2016.
  3. Highest opening weekend grosser of 2016 till March 2016.
  4. Highest opening week grosser of 2016 till March 2016.
  5. Highest grosser of 2016 with the lifetime collection of 128 crores.

Airlift Total Collection: Budget, Revenue and Profit/Loss

Cost and recovery

Production Cost: 40 crores 
Prints and Publicity Cost: 15 crores
Total Costs to Recover for Producers/Distributors: 55 crores
India Theatricals (Sold to Prateek Entertainment): 34 crores 
Overseas Theatricals (Sold to B4U): 8 crores
Total Costs to Recover for Distributor: 42 crores


India Theatrical Final Distributor Share: 62 crores
Overseas Final Distributor Share: 20 crores
Satellite Rights:18 crores (Akshay Kumar’s fee)
Music Rights: 3 crores (T Series Itself)
In-Film Branding & Tie-Ups: 15 crores
Home Video rights: 1 crore

Total Recovery/Profit/Loss
For Distributors
For India distributors: 62-34 = 28 crores (Profit)
For overseas distributors: 20-8 = 12 crores (Profit)

For Producers
Producers profit: 34 + 8 + 15 + 3 + 1  + 15 – 55 = 21 crores

Airlift Lifetime Collection and Verdict

Airlift total Box Office collection: 128 crores + 46 crores = 174 crores
Total gross collection:  182 crores + 46 crores = 228 crores
Final Verdict: Super Hit (profitable for producers and distributors)

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