Katrina in Dhoom 3 Kamli Song
Katrina in Dhoom 3 Kamli Song

Dhoom 3 Box Office Collections | 15 Day Collections (3rd Friday)

Dhoom 3 Box Office Collections is still maintaining a good pace at box office even on the 3rd Friday. After a good Second Week Collection run, D3 is looking strong on box office.

This week Dhoom 3 again faces a dry spell of competition from Mr. Joe B Carvalho & Sholay 3D. Dhoom 3 is eyeing the big prize record of 300 Crores and is looking good enough to achieve it this week.

Remember Dhoom 3 has broken a lot of records and came out churning 76 Crores in its second week too. Today Dhoom 3 collected around 3 Crores.

If things would go at this same rate for Dhoom 3. It would not surprise if total collections of movie exceeds 300 Crores this week.

Dhoom 3 starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra was the third in the Dhoom series and was most loved in terms of collections. Dhoom 3 14th day collections were around 5 crores.

Dhoom 3 will be challenged by Jai Ho this month. Let’s see if Salman Khan makes something out of it.

Let’s have a look at facts and figures for Dhoom 3’s Silver Collections on 15th Day

Dhoom 3 15th Day Collections

Dhoom 3 15th Day Collections were as follows :

  • 15th Day Collection : 3 Crores (Updated)

Dhoom 3 Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update (till 3rd Friday)

[box title=”Dhoom 3 Total Box Office Collections (till 15th Day / 3rd Friday )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]
  • First Day (Friday) : 36 Crores
  • Second Day (Saturday) : 33 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 38 Crores
  • Fourth Day (Monday) : 20 Crores
  • Fifth Day (Tuesday) : 20 Crores
  • Sixth Day (Wednesday) : 25 Crores
  • Seventh Day (Thursday) : 14 Crores
  • Eighth Day (Second Friday) : 11 Crores
  • ninth Day (Second Saturday): 11 Crores
  • Tenth Day (Second Sunday): 19 Crores
  • Eleventh Day (Monday): 7 Crores
  • Twelfth Day (Tuesday) : 7 Crores
  • Thirteenth Day (Wednesday) : 10 Crores
  • Fourteenth Day (Thursday) : 5 Crores
  • Fifteenth Day (3rd Friday) : 3 Crores
  • Overall total Collections : 259 Crores
Dhoom 3 Second Week Collections cover
Dhoom 3 Second Week Collections cover


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