R... Rajkumar Movie Poster
R... Rajkumar Movie Poster

R…Rajkumar Predictions are made keeping in mind the high hopes built around the movie. Prabhudheva‘s R…Rajkumar not only has fan anticipations at stake but it is crucial for Shahid Kapoor’s Career figures as well.

Remember the time when Wanted was released ? The movie was a turning point in Salman Khan’s career, his revival was almost duplicated in a similar fashion by Rowdy Rathore for Akshay Kumar. 2010 onwards Akshay was on a flop spree and Rowdy Rathore was able to end it and get things up and running for Akshay. So Will R…Rajkumar became one such movie for Shahid Kapoor on similar grounds ? It will be interesting to see where the movies goes and takes Shahid with him.

R…Rajkumar should have a cake walk as It has no stiff competition from Club 60 releasing this week. Also, the previous week release of Bullett Raja is also no competition for R…Rajkumar.

The movie is a romantic action movie and has nice musical backing with fan anticipations.We have come out with prediction figures keeping in mind the above factors.

R…Rajkumar Predictions (Box Office) :

Lets have a look at R…Rajkumar Predictions :

  • R…Rajkumar Box Office Prediction first day: 9-10 Crores
  • R…Rajkumar Box Office Prediction second day: 10 to 12 crores
  • R…Rajkumar Box Office Prediction third day: 10 to 12 crores
  • R…Rajkumar first weekend  Box Office Prediction: 32 to 35 crores
R...Rajkumar Predictions | Box Office Predictions
Shahid Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha in R…Rajkumar

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