Queen Poster featuring Kangana
Queen Poster featuring Kangana

Queen 10 Days Collections : Sunday Report – Queen rules the Box Office

Queen Second Weekend Collections shows an amazing example of a Queen’s majestic rule. This Queen is holding Box Office like a King in the town.

A simple movie, Queen which was released last week with minor expectations and high competition is getting stronger day by day a Box Office.With a very low start, Queen is raising  up on Box Office with each passing day. Its weekday collections were higher than its first Friday collections. Thanks to the superb response that the movie has received from critics as well as audiences.

They say that content is the king and Queen has proved it once again. Despite releasing with two other movies (Gulaab Gang and Total Siyapaa ), Queen has proved out to be an ultimate winner at Box Office. The movies has done superb business in first 10 days of its release.

After an outstanding first week at Box Office, the movie continues to hold at Box Office with second weekend collections of around 9 crores.Queen has collected 2.15 cr , 2.75 cr, 4.10 cr on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Remember, Queen starring Kangana Ranaut was not able to lure the audience on first Friday. Making its’ box office collections start on a low note on first day. It was more than a shock that Queen make such a failed show on day one. More because Queen has been praised for a good show and labeled as ‘nice flick’.

Queen, though had a poor start but the movie made it up in the remaining  days of its first week. It has a tremendous word of mouth from critics, audiences as well as film fraternity. Vikas Bahl direction and Kangana Ranaut’s acting has been praised by one and all.  Kangana as punjabi girl has delivered the performance of the lifetime. Read Queen movie review : Queen Movie Review

Lets have a look at 10 Days/Second weekend Box Office Collections of Queen

Queen Second Weekend Collections

Queen Second Weekend Collections were as follows :

  • Second Weekend Collections : 9 crores(approx)

Queen Tenth Day Collections

Queen Tenth Day Collections were as follows :

  • 10th Day Collections : 4.10 crores(approx)

Queen Collections & Day to Day Update ( Tenth Day Update)

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  • First Day ( Friday ) : 1.80 Crores
  • Second Day ( Saturday ) : 3.34 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 4.40 Crores
  • Fourth Day ( Monday ) : 2.1 Crores
  • Fifth Day ( Tuesday ) : 2.15 Crores
  • Sixth Day ( Wednesday ) : 2.25 Crores
  • Seventh Day ( Thursday ) : 2.30 Crores
  • Eighth Day ( Friday) : 2.15 Crores
  • Ninth Day ( Saturday) : 2.75 Crores
  • Tenth Day ( Sunday) : 4.10 Crores (approx)
  • Overall : 28.5 Crores(approx)


  • Opening Day Collection : 1.80 Crores
  • Highest day : Sunday : 4.90  Crores
  • First Weekend Collections : 9.54 Crores
  • First Week Collection : 18.34 Crores
  • Second Weekend Collection : 9 Crores(approx)
  • Overall Collections : 28.5 Crores(approx)


Queen Movie Details

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