Piku Budget, Occupancy, Economics of Box Office Collections = Deepika Padukone in Piku
Deepika Padukone as a Single Independent Bengali Girl in Piku

Piku’s enjoyable puppet show churns some value at Box Office

This friday, Piku made an entry at Box Office amongst high hopes and lots of expectations. Piku is a Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan starter flick with Amitabh Bachchan playing as Deepika’s Dysfunctional father.

With favourable responses streaming out with every passing show, Piku is bound to grow higher and higher at Box Office on this weekend. The Collections are bound to rise on Saturday and Sunday.

Now lets take a look at Collections Piku did on its’ first day.

Piku Screen Count and Occupancy

Piku released on 1300 Screens and is a multiplex cinema bound to connect with people who live with their ageing parents. The movie had a slow occupancy level start with around 30 percent fill rate in the morning to around 65 percent for the late evening shows. This makes Piku a collector of 4 Crores. See more on First Day Piku Box Office Collections.

Piku Budget

Piku is made with a budget of around 55 Crores. The Production Cost of the movie is around 38 Crores and Marketing Cost at 12-17 Crores. As there are no official disclosures for Piku’s budget, cost maybe indicated in reduced numbers to show profits.

Piku Economics

Piku is facing some competition with last week release Gabbar is Back and is ready to face some very powerful resistance from Bombay Velvet. This leaves Piku with one week to recover as much as it can to pose a total. Estimations would go as far as to indicate a 40 Crores high level earning in one week.

Piku Budget, Occupancy, Economics of Box Office Collections
Piku Budget and Economics at Box Office

We just have to wait to see how partical economics work for Piku