Hindi version of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa crosses Rs 75 crore mark in India
Pushpa day wise box office collection

The Hindi version of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa is simply unstoppable at the Indian box office. The action-entertainer records its biggest day. Check the day-wise breakdown.

Flower Nahi.. Fire Hai.. The statement stands true for the Hindi version of Pushpa which is unstoppable at the box office. Since its release on Dec 17, 2021, the Allu Arjun starrer is on a bull run. Running in its third week, Pushpa (Hindi) recorded its biggest day, collecting Rs 6.25 crore on its third Sunday. The box office collection of the Hindi version after 17 days stands at Rs 62.94 crore. These are incredible numbers, to say the least.

The Allu Arjun starrer has exceeded expectations in the north belt. Despite the limited release and no promotions, Sukumar’s action-drama has rocked the mass circuits. Since its release, Pushpa: The Rise has been on a terrific run, making it big at the box office. It is holding well despite pandemic fear. The acceptance of the movie can be judged by the fact that its 18th-day collection is almost double of its first-day collection.

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Pushpa has worked wonders in mass belts where Bollywood movies have struggled big time in the recent past. The majority of footfalls that the Hindi version of Pushpa is getting are the people who love watching South Indian movies on TV and YouTube. These people have come in big numbers as the ticket prices are low compared to the other releases. Moreover, the audience in mass belts has not had enough options. The other releases, 83 and Spider-Man: No Way Home aren’t meant for the masses. Pushpa (Hindi) has certainly taken full advantage. Last but not the least, Pushpa is a powerful action entertainer. The content is doing the talking here.

Day-wise Hindi (Nett) collections of Pushpa

Day 1 – Rs 3.33 crore
Day 2 – Rs 3.79 crore
Day 3 – Rs 5.56 crore
Day 4 – Rs 3.70 crore
Day 5 – Rs 3.60 crore
Day 6 – Rs 3.53 crore
Day 7 – Rs 3.38 crore
Day 8 – Rs 2.31 crore
Day 9 – Rs 3.75 crore
Day 10 – Rs 4.25 crore
Day 11 – Rs 2.75 crore
Day 12 – Rs 2.50 crore
Day 13 – Rs 2.24 crore
Day 14 – Rs 2.20 crore
Day 15 – Rs 3.50 crore
Day 16 – Rs 6.10 crore
Day 17 – Rs 6.25 crore
Total: Rs 62.94 crore Nett

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