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Happy New Year 2nd Saturday Collections : Box Office Day 9 the real test

Happy New Years (HNY) has the real test of its box office collections today i.e.. the 2nd saturday or Day 9th. The official figures will be out on sunday, however the trends do not show a big rise and very good optimism.  Even as I write this, HNY has been able to perform good on Box office. But expectations do exceed the performance from SRK’s HNY.

200 Crores is a magical figure, and most of us have been expecting Happy New Year to gross 200 Crores from the day when it was released. But HNY collected merely 5.26 Crores on Second Friday, forcing us to rethink on what we set our expectations from the HNY.

HNY is estimated to collect around 9 Crores today based on advanced booking stats for the flick.  Happy New Year’s game is yet incomplete so lets wait and watch how it turns out to be this Saturday and Sunday. The flick has already grossed 157.57 Crores  in First Week, Happy New Year’s First Week Box Office Collections stands at 3rd place after Kick and Bang Bang.

Having a look at Happy New Year’s performances from First Monday onwards 15 Cr, 13 Cr, 11.5 Cr and finally 9.14 Crs on Thursday, leaves another picture of the flick’s inability to hold the crowd. However, it reach around 5.26 Crs on Second Friday i.e. Day 8 of the Box Office, Lets see if the 9th day could pull it a bit up to 9 Crores on Second Saturday

See the day wise collection report here : HNY day wise collections

As per public responses and audiences Happy New Year is a paisa vasool movie. Read more on public sentiments here : HNY public response

Anyways Lets hope for a better performance of Happy New Year at box office.

Happy New Year 2nd Saturday Collections : Box Office Day 9 the real test
A still from Happy New Year

Happy New Year Second Saturday Collections

  • Ninth Day Box Office Collections : 7.46 Crores ( Official)

Happy New Year Second Weekend Box Office Collections

  • Box Office Collections : 12.71 Crores so far (Official)

Happy New Year Box Office Collections

[box title=”Happy New Year Total Box Office Collection ” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

  • Happy New Year First Weekend (3 days) Collection : 108.86 (Official)
  • Happy New Year Second Weekend : 12.72 Crores till Saturday.
  • Highest Day : First Day : 44.97 Crores
  • First Week Collections : 157.5 Crores (Official)


Happy New Year Collections So Far : Till 9th Day

DayBox Office Collection (In Crores)Notes
Day 1 (Friday)44.97 CroresNational Holiday. Highest Opening day
Day 2 (Saturday)31.60 CroresPartial Holiday.
Day 3 (Sunday)32.29 CroresHoliday. Becomes the Highest opening weekend grosser
Opening weekend108.86 CroresHighest Opening Weekend Collection
Day 4 (Monday)15.01 Crores
Day 5 (Tuesday)13.00 Crores
Day 6 (Wednesday)11.5 Crores
Day 7 (Thursday)9.14 CroresReaches 157.5 Crores, Beats Chennai Express First Week Box Office Collections
Day 8 (Friday)5.26 CroresPoor start to second weekend
Day 9 (Saturday)7.46 CroresPoor second Saturday
Day 10 (Sunday)9.51 Crores22.5 crores in second weekend. Below expectations
Day 11 (Monday)3.31 Crores
Day 12 (Tuesday)4.06 Crores
Day 13 (Wednesday)2.75 Crores
Day 14 (Thursday)3.5 Crores36.5 crores in second week
Day 15 (Friday)1.5 CroresTotal - 194.86 Crores
Day 16 (Saturday)1.8 CroresTotal - 196.66 Crores
Day 17 (Sunday)2 CroresTotal - 198.66 Crores
Day 18 (Monday)0.75 CroresTotal - 199.41 Crores
Day 18 (Tuesday)0.6 CroresTotal - 200 Crores
After Day 183 Crores
Lifetime Collection204 CroresLifetime collection

Lets wait and watch how things unfold for Happy New Year. Also See

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