Padmavati movie poster
Padmavati movie poster

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat crosses 250 crores mark at the domestic box office. Check the third weekend collection of the movie.

Released on 25 Jan 2018, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat is having a dream run at the box office. Even in its third week, the movie is making good money at the box office. There is no denying the fact that Padmaavat has exceeded all expectations. No one was expecting the movie to cross 200 crores especially with the controversies surrounding it.

Padmaavat third weekend collection

After earning 236 crores in the first two weeks, the movie saw first major fall in collection on its Friday. It earned just 3.5 crores on its 16th day. The movie once again picks up speed on Saturday and earned 6.3 crores. On the last day of the third weekend i.e. 18th day, the movie was at its full swing. It earned around 9 crores to take its total collection to 254.8 crores. Here’s a look at the day-wise breakup:

Day 1 (First Thu) Includes paid previews on Wednesday – 24 Crores

Day 2 (First Fri)  – 32 Crores

Day 3 (First Sat)  – 27 Crores

Day 4 First (Sun)  – 31 Crores

Day 5 (First Mon)  – 15 Crores

Day 6 (First Tue)  – 14 Crores

Day 7 (First Wed)  – 12.50 Crores

Day 8 (Second Thu)  – 11 Crores

Day 9 (Second Fri)  – 10 Crores

Day 10 (Second Sat)  – 16 Crores

Day 11 (Second Sun)  – 20 Crores

Day 12 (Second Mon)  – 7 Crores

Day 13 (Second Tue)  – 6 Crores

Day 14 (Second Wed)  – 5.50 Crores

Day 15 (Third Thu)  – 5 Crores

Day 16 (Third Fri)  – 3.50 Crores

Day 17 (Third Sat)  – 6.30 Crores

Day 18 (Third Sun)  – 9 Crores

Total  Collection – 245.80 Crores

Highest Grossing Movie For All Involved In The Film

Padmaavat is the highest grossing movie of all involved. It has already become Deepika, Ranveer, Shahid’s highest grossing movie by beating Chennai Express, Bajirao Mastani and R.. Rajkumar. It is also the highest grossing movie for Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

The controversy has actually helped the movie at the box office. The curiosity around the characters, positive reviews, incredible social media hype has helped in posting huge numbers at the box office. Padmaavat still has a chance to cross 300 crores because it is yet to release in Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat. The states have potential to post big numbers.