Box Office Comparison: Shah Rukh Khan Vs Salman Khan Vs Aamir Khan Vs Akshay Kumar

Shah Rukh Khan Vs Salman Khan Vs Aamir Khan Vs Akshay Kumar Box Office Comparison.

The four superstars of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar have been entertaining us for almost three decades now. They are the four pillars of our entertainment industry and we just can’t imagine Bollywood without them. All of them have a huge fan following not only in India but in overseas as well. Their fans love them, worship them and often fight with each other on social media channels. The superiority of these actors has always been a point of discussion on social media. The craze of these superstars and their films have no limit and often box office numbers become parameters to judge their superiority and dominance.

To simplify the things, we have decided the compare the box office record of all three Khans and Akshay Kumar. This comparison will give you a clear idea about the box office dominance of these superstars. Let’s have a look:

Shah Rukh Khan Vs Salman Khan Vs Aamir Khan Vs Akshay Kumar Box Office Comparison

 Salman KhanShah Rukh KhanAamir KhanAkshay Kumar
Debut Year1989199219881991
Number Of Movies766041111
Flop/Disaster/Below Average36241659
Average/Above Average/ Semi Hit107925
Hit/Super Hit16211025
Blockbuster/ ATBB14862
Success Ratio (Average and above)52.63%60%61%46.84%
Hit Ratio (Hit and above)39.47%49.15%39%24.32%
Total Collection3408237619513285.4
Average Per Film44.8439.647.5829.6
100 Crore Movies12758
200 Crore Movies5240
300 Crore Movies3020

Shah Rukh Khan Box Office Report Highlights

Shah Rukh Khan Box Office report

  1. Highest success ratio and hit ratio.
  2. In a career span of 25 years, SRK is yet to deliver a box office disaster.
  3. SRK is going through a bad phase of his career as his last five releases haven’t been able to perform as per expectations.

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Salman Khan Box Office Report Highlights

Salman Khan box office report
Salman Khan
  1. Most 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore films.
  2. Highest lifetime earning among all Bollywood actor.
  3. Most number of blockbusters.
  4. Salman Khan is going through a dream phase as his last twelve movies have crossed 100 crores mark in India. His last film Tiger Zinda Hai earned 339 crores in India.

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Aamir Khan Box Office Report Highlights

aamir khan box office

  1. Most number of ATBB.
  2. Aamir is the pioneer of 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore box office clubs.
  3. Top two grossers of Bollywood, PK and Dangal belongs to him.

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Akshay Kumar Box Office Report Highlights

Akshay Kumar Box Office

  1. Second highest lifetime earnings among all Bollywood actors.
  2. Worst success and hit ratio.
  3. Akshay Kumar is having a dream run and his success ratio has improved drastically in the last couple of years. His last five  releases have crossed 100 crores mark in India.

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Now, that you have seen Shah Rukh Khan Vs Salman Khan Vs Aamir Khan Vs Akshay Kumar box office comparison, who according to you is the box office king? What are your views on this box office comparison report? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


  1. Salman, Aamir achieved success after 2010, when the number of viewers increased due to the peasants, slum dwellers and their children who got a job after the economic reform and can attend cinema … Audiences with low intelligence …

  2. Salman,Amitabh and Dilip Kumar must not be compared with others , the three are above all by miles.Big Stars and hits don’t match, Salman Khan has 21 superhits or above movies in his name

  3. The most wonderful is that Salman Khan ‘s Maine Pyar Kiya and Bajrangi Bhaijaan have the best gap between two all time Blockbusters by an star


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