Krrish 3 Character poster
Krrish 3 Character poster

There is no doubt in the fact that Krrish 3 has performed well on Box Office. I agree that Krrish 3 Box Office Collections were marginally better than Chennai Express. But is it justified too ?

What I am going to list are refutable points but per my opinion Chennai Express was bigger grosser because

  • Firstly, Krrish 3 movie tickets were 10% Costlier
  • Secondly, Krrish 3 was released on more number of screens as compared to Chennai Express

It is in-fact controversial for considering the above points.I’ll leave it up to you for deciding when it comes to Krrish 3 Vs Chennai Express.


Krrish 3 Box Office Collections
Krrish 3 Hrithik Roshan

Krrish 3 Box Office Collections : 15 Days

Following is 15 Days data for Krrish 3 Box Office Collections :-

DateCollection DayKrrish 3
01-NovDay 1(Friday)25.5 Cr
02-NovDay 223 Cr
03-NovDay 3(Sunday)24.3 Cr
04-NovDay 4(Highest Day)35.91 Cr
05-NovDay 526.26 Cr
06-NovDay 618.11 Cr
07-NovDay 713.44 Cr
08-NovDay 8(2nd Friday)9.16 Cr
09-NovDay 914.23 Cr
10-NovDay 1016.35 Cr
11-NovDay 1105.47 Cr
12-NovDay 1205.04 Cr
13-NovDay 1304.46 Cr
14-NovDay 1404.77 Cr
15-NovDay 15(3rd Friday)02.44 Cr
Overall228.44 Cr
First Week total166.52 Cr
Second Week total59.48 Cr
First Weekend total72.8 Cr
Second Weekend total39.74 Cr
Highest Single Day Collection35.91 Cr
Lowest Single Day Collection2.44 Cr