Gulaab Gang First Week Collections | Box office Collections 7 Days – Thursday

Gulaab Gang Seventh Day Collections : Thursday Report

Gulaab gang first week collections suffered a lot and was overshadowed by Queen’s extra ordinary performance at box office. The collections for Gulaab gang had a major setback when there was hustle over legal issues, mixed reviews and Queen’s very strong and positive reviews started floating.

Gulaab Gang First Thursday Collections were lower than Queen’s. However, Interestingly Gulaab gang was the flick to open good on friday box office. Gulaab gang failed to pick up due to criticism and average cinema.

Gulaab Gang first Tuesday collections was just averaged. In fact with so many screens the movie made a pathetic show on silver screen. Gulaab Gang collected lower than expected figures for a non-working day.

With Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla in star cast, Gulaab gang could had taken a better start but failed to do so. Thus, making its’ box office collections start on a low note on first day. The pace did not went up even on saturday and hardly on sunday as well. While Queen picked up a lot on box office, Gulaab Gang seems to failing to make a mark during week days.

Gulaab Gang was able to collect mixed reviews from audiences and critics. The larger than life and unrealistic treatment was not taken very well by audience.

Gulaab Gang released on 1300 screens and maintained a low occupancy throughout at box office.  Read more on Occupancy and screen count : Gulaab Gang Occupancy & Screen Count

We predicted a low collection and gulaab gang performed exactly what was anticipated. Read more on prediction here : Gulaab Gang Box Office Predictions .

Lets have a look at the figures for Day 7 ( Thursday ) at box office .

Gulaab Gang First Thursday Collections

Gulaab Gang Seventh Day Collections were as follows :

  • Seventh Day Collections : 0.70 Crores

Gulaab Gang First Week Collections

Gulaab Gang First Week Collections were as follows :

  • First Week Collections : 12.30 Crores

Gulaab Gang Collections & Day to Day Update ( Seventh Day Update)

[box title=”Gulaab Gang Total Box Office Collections (7 Days total )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″] [spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]

  • First Day (Friday) : 2.41 Crores
  • Second Day ( Saturday ) : 2.89 Crores
  • Third Day ( Sunday ) : 3.55  Crores
  • Fourth Day ( Monday ) : 1.1 Crores
  • Fifth Day ( Tuesday ) : 1 Crore
  • Sixth Day ( Wednesday ) : 0.85 Crores
  • Seventh Day ( Thursday ) : 0.70 Crores
  • Overall : 12.30 Crores Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 2.41 Crores
  • First Weekend : 8.85 Crores
  • First Week : 12.30 Crores so far
  • Overall Collections : 10.95 Crores


Gulaab Gang Movie Details :

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