Rangoon 2nd Day Collection Update: Remains Flat With No Growth In Morning Shows
Rangoon 2nd Day Collection Update: Remains Flat With No Growth In Morning Shows

Rangoon 2nd day Collection: After an average opening day with the collection of 6.07 crores, Shahid Kapoor’s Rangoon remains flat in the morning shows on its second day. The movie reported 15% occupancy in the morning shows, which is same as yesterday. Early trends suggest that the movie not only failed to witness any growth but even dropped at some places. (Read: Rangoon movie review)

The movie remains flat with no growth in morning shows compared to the first day. The overall occupancy in the morning shows was around 15% which is same as yesterday. Once again high-end metros like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are performing better compared to the mass centers. The movie has been rejected in mass circuits like UP, CI, Punjab with no hopes of any revival. Generally, this kind of films failed in mass centers.

Rangoon witnessed some growth in the afternoon shows but once again the growth is not healthy. Like yesterday, the movie saw decent growth in the evening and night shows but failed to saw a much-needed turnaround. The occupancy in the evening and night shows was around 35%. Overall, Rangoon second day occupancy was around 25%.

Rangoon 2nd Day Collection: 6 to 6.5 crores

Early trends suggest that Rangoon 2nd day collection will be in the range of 6 to 6.5 crores. With holiday today, the movie can touch 20 crores opening weekend numbers, which are way below expectations. The biggest issue with the film is the high costs involved. Rangoon has been made on a budget of 75 crores and needs to earn at least 80 crores to be in a safe zone. Considering the current trend it seems that it will struggle to even cross 40 crores mark.

Note: The official second day collection of Rangoon will be updated today at 11:00 am.


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