satya 2 Trailer no. 2 Poster
satya 2 Trailer no. 2 Poster

Satya 2 opened up on a very difficult battleground. Difficult because it had to face Krrish 3’s second week run. Things became bad when reviewers started throwing rotten tomatoes at RGV’s Satya 2 for being bad to pathetic movie.

So the factors of low media advertisement, bad reviews and low screen count due to Krrish 3 were enough to bring dooms on Satya 2.

As a result Satya 2 Box Office Collections began with just 80 lakhs on the opening day(i.e..Friday) and collected 1 crore on Saturday.The overall box office collections of first two days for Satya 2 were very weak.

Lets see how far will Satya 2 go in terms of box office collections.


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