satya 2 Trailer no. 2 Poster
satya 2 Trailer no. 2 Poster

Satya 2 has 9 tracks and was released on October 15th. I got time to hear this 45 mins album and would say though out of nine we have four average or lesser tracks, making it not a value for money buy. Some of the notable tracks are ‘ Satya is Back’ , ‘Tu Nahi‘ and ‘Saathi Re’

Lets have a detail look at tracks individually –

  1. Tu Nahi

    Tu Nahi is a very nice romantic and soothing ‘Sing-along‘ track. The music and lyrics are complemented well by Leonard Victor & Shweta Pandit‘s good singing. Background Guitaring is also good.

  2. Special

    Music is fantastic with a radiant lyrics that does goes well in ears. The music gives a lot of scope for remixes, the Latin punk and disc thump music of special is really noticeable. Also remarkable is absence of third class words, and double meaning phases in name of an item number.

  3. Maangne se

    It has a narrative & metal goth genre. The song aims at depicting fear and is able to fulfill its prime purpose. Lyrics and music is average, other tracks of similar theme makes it look weaker.

  4. Palkon se

    Thematically it is a  90s’ Love Song. The song is average in nature, I find the music annoying and not going well with lyrics. Bad Singing for Rishi Singh.He doesn’t feels belonged in the song.

  5. Saathi Re

    Soul rhythm type song, Saathi Re, is a good track to hear. Nitin Raikwar has done a nice work with music. The only concern that I would highlight is it looks like 2005 song. It is few years back in time yet is good enough to be heard  more than once.

  6. Taaqat

    Please ignore Taaqat, Doesn’t makes sense as a song. Can not connect with Kumarr on this one.

  7. Control

    Narrative themed track. Music is death metal and it blends very smoothly with wild nature of the song. It is an average song however I respect the way Indian music has opened up in recent times. Be it Shaitan’s Bali or Satya 2’s Control.

  8. Veerani

    Can be Classified as Horror/ Soul Rip/Psychedelic. Veerani could have been sung in various variations of the current music. However, it is the current music that not only suits the song but also the transformation which lyrics show. Kumaar‘s lyrics would have gone in wasteland if this music won’t have supported it. Sanjeev Rathod and Darshan Rathod have done a good job while singing this track.

  9. Satya is Back Again

    Electronic/Narrative Mix/ Metal genre. This track has nice narrative lyrics making it enjoyable. Music is also good. This is a high point in the album for me. Kary Arora doesn’t fails to impress.

Overall, Satya 2 missed in providing us anything memorable like ‘ Sapno Mein Milti Hai’, yet it doesn’t disappoint on being progressive or carrying the same sense as ‘Satya’ either. Even though we found One or Two tracks as ‘take it on your playlist’ in Satya 2 music review , it doesn’t makes an album worthwhile.

Soundtrack Details

Track No.TitleRatingSingerMusicLyricsTrack Length
1"Tu Nahi"Leonard Victor & Shweta PanditNitin RaikwarNitin Raikwar03:39
2"Special"Payel Aditya DevSanjeev Rathod, Darshan RathodKumaar06:33
3"Maagne Se (Title Song)"Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rathod & Argha BanerjeeSanjeev Rathod, Darshan RathodKumaar04:49
4"Palkon Se"Rishi Singh & Shweta PanditNitin RaikwarMoid Elhaam04:34
5"Saathi Re"Rishi Singh & Tishika JainNitin RaikwarNitin Raikwar04:41
6"Taaqat"Hricha Narayan, Jolly Mukherjee & Sanjeev RathodSanjeev Rathod, Darshan RathodKumaar04:18
7"Control"Sonny Ravan & Shree DShree DSonny Ravan & Shree D06:32
8"Veerani"Payel Aditiya Dev & Mohd IrfanSanjeev Rathod, Darshan RathodKumaar05:08
9"Satya Is Back Again"Arsalaan Akhoon, Kary Arora& Makrand 'Mac' DeshpandeyKary AroraKary Arora05:27