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Bewakoofiyaan Second Week Collection :  Failed at Box Office

Bewakoofiyaan Second Week Collections was a shock, especially for the producers and alike. Figure this, Sonam Kapoor’s Bewakoofiyaan manages just 1 crore in its Second week run at box office.  Whatever the reason maybe, but it certainly is a shocker.

While Queen earned close to 11.5 Crores this week, and Sunny Leone’s Ragini MMS 2 overhauled all speculations and collected around 40 crores. Bewakoofiyaan was seen ignored by almost all sections of audience. Bewakoofiyaan failed to attract crowd, and hence earned close to negligible this week.

Remember, Bewakoofiyaan First Week collections were very much overshadowed by Queen’s Box Office dominance. The movie faced stiff competition at box office with Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. Noted as just another average flick  by critics also did not worked in favour of bewakoofiyaan either.

Talking about the movie. Bewakoofiyaan is Sonam and Ayushman’s stylish flick that doesn’t carries enough substance to give any deeper meanings. However, Bewakoofiyaan is still a good for dates flick that tries to explore a bit and keeps you interested through Rishi Kapoors’ performance. You may share few good laughs in Bewakoofiyaan but don’t expect anything special.

Bewakoofiyaan has not yet shown anything great at box office in terms of collections. As other flicks got preferred over Bewakoofiyaan, it does seems bewakoofiyaan would not make anything further at box office.

Lets look at the picture on  Second Week  at box office for Bewakoofiyaan.

Bewakoofiyaan Second Week Collections

Bewakoofiyaan Second Week Collections were as follows :

  • Second Week Collections : 1.0 crores

Bewakoofiyaan First Week Collections

Bewakoofiyaan First Week Collections were as follows :

  • First Week Collections : 13.14 crores

Bewakoofiyaan Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update ( 14 days Update)

[box title=”Bewakoofiyaan Total Box Office Collections (14 Days total )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

[spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]

  • First Day (Friday) : 2.23 Crores
  • Second Day – Saturday : 2.51 Crores
  • Third Day Collections – Sunday : 2.80 Crores
  • Fourth Day – Monday : 2.2 Crores
  • Fifth Day – Tuesday : 1.40 Crores
  • Sixth Day – Wednesday : 1.0 Crores
  • Seventh Day – Thursday : 1.0 Crores
  • Second Week : 1 Crore
  • Overall : 14.14 Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 7.54 Crores
  • Highest Day : Sunday : 2.80 Crores
  • First weekend : 7.54 Crores
  • First Week : 13.14 Crores
  • Second Week : 1 Crore
  • Overall Collections : 14.14 Crores


Bewakoofiyaan Movie Details :

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