Best Superhero Movies On Amazon Prime Video [Updated May 2020]
Best Superhero Movies On Amazon Prime Video [Updated May 2020]

Best Superhero Movies On Amazon Prime Video: The list includes Man of Steel, Hulk, Daredevil, Wonder Woman and many more.

Superheroes form a very big part of our pop culture. All of us know at least one superhero fan amongst our friends who’d trade away a good date night to binge-watch his favourite superhero film on Prime Video. The video-streaming platform houses some of the most iconic superhero films of all times.

Lucky for you the video-streaming platform is constantly populating its library with new content every month. Its catalogue has grown so big that it’s overwhelming for the Prime Video subscribers to look for their favourite superhero movie amongst the ocean of films. With Netflix and Prime Video continuously working to keep the users glued to the apps, there is a sudden uproar in the superhero films category. Here’s the ultimate list of superhero movies on Prime Video for all the superhero fans.

14The Avengers

Superhero fans jumped and gasped when The Avengers hit theatre screens Nick Fury brought together his team of superheroes starring Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye to fight off Thor’s evil brother Loki who plans on destroying the world one kill at a time. The film is the greatest of superhero films ever made in the history of cinema.



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