Zareen Khan Finally opens up about her thunderous exit from Filmfare Awards
Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan finally opens up about her thunderous exit from The Filmfare Awards.

Remember, we told you about Zareen Khan making a hasty exit from the Filmfare Awards that happened this year. Till now, nobody knew the real reason behind it but recently in an interview to DNA, Zareen Khan finally revealed what exactly happened that night. She said:

“I will tell you exactly what happened, After I went inside, I saw the first and second rows were full. A couple of fellow actors were standing like me for 10 minutes when I glimpsed Salman sitting across on the first row. As I am very close to him, I went to greet him. I am in Bollywood today because of him and I would never disrespect him by ignoring him. Salman asked where I was seated and when he heard I didn’t have a seat, he insisted I sit on his seat, as he had to go backstage to prepare for his performance. He is such a gentleman! The staffer came and asked me to get up from there as other celebs were coming and he couldn’t make them stand. I told him politely that they hadn’t given that seat to me, but Salman had been kind enough to give it, so ‘it’s not right if you make me get up from there.’ He kept insisting, I didn’t want to make a tamasha and spoil their function, so I quietly got up and went away. There were big celebrities there. I am so intimidated by Salman, how could I argue and demand a seat next to him? It’s very upsetting what happened! If I want to talk to Salman I can do it anytime. Why would I need to create a ruckus just to sit next to him?”