Yaariyan Movie Poster
Yaariyan Movie Poster

Yaariyan Music Review

The Deeper you get the better is sounds. Yaariyan is nice music for ears. Some of the songs are evergreen music while most of the songs from album appear good.

  • The album begins with ABCD song. The Honey Singh Hip-Hop song is well spread over electronic music background. Funk Lyrics and experienced singing makes this song a treat and nice opening track for a very musical album.
    Benny Dayal & Shefali Alvares have done justice to the track.
    There is a high-octane remixed version of ABCD towards the end of soundtrack. This is a better version and goes on my playlist.
  • Baarish is good if you skip the first 30 second. Maybe I am not into it, it doesn’t appeals to go on serious tone unless audience is into it. Anyways it has been sung nicely by Mohammed Irfan & Gajendra Varma,supported by slow music and strong lyrics(Read Baarish Lyrics).
    Baarish is a slow soulful, addictive song.
    There is a remix version later in the album. The remix suits the song lyrics equally and appears good.
  • Sunny Sunny is a Yo Yo Honey Singh track. The lyrics and music are very well patterned and i am specially impressed how Neha Kakkar makes a better impression than Honey Singh.
    The song can be genre-d as blended Hip-hop and is good material for club mixes and Disc remixes.
  • Allah Waariyan has very good music. This Soul rhythm/ romantic song voiced nicely by Shafqat Amanat Ali appears good.
  • Love Me Thoda Aur is a romantic track sung by none other than Arijit Singh and supported singing by Monali Thakur.The track is a beautiful number and will definitely make buzz for a while. flawless singing and Pritam‘s music provide a treat for ears.
  • Meri Maa has three versions. Original & Reprise being sung by KK while an alternate version is voiced by Anupam Amod. The song has excellent lyrics and good music. The nostalgic song makes you remember your mother even if she is in another room. This is the impression that the song makes.
    has done justice to song while Anupam also has a good stand while singing Meri Maa(Find Meri Maa Lyrics)
  • Jor LagaaKe Haishaa sung by Vishal Dadlani has filled this song with energy and I feel only he could have sung these lyrics in such a way. The song is pomp & show version of ‘Lakshya’. You might want to listen this inspirational Indian rock oscillating between slow and fast paced musical ceremony more than once.
    I’ll take this on my morning run playlist.
  • Mujhe Ishq Se begins on a very emo-serious note by Tulsi Kumar . The song is good and though lyrics are just average the song appears good. Thanks to nice musical backing and singing by Tulsi
    Genre as soul rhythm song, Mujhe Ishq Se is another good track in this album.
  • What do you expect after so many nice tracks? A mashup ? Well you need not wait as the last track in the album is Yaariyan Mashup. The mashup is cocktailed nicely and good music.
Yaariyan Music Review
Yaariyan Poster

Yaariyan Music Review: Verdict

Yaariyan is one of those very few music albums that leaves you content and satisfied. You don’t have even a single track to skip with all of them above average to excellent.

It’s a must buy from our side. Make sure you end up listening Yaariyan this weekend.

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