Yaariyan Movie Poster
Yaariyan Movie Poster

Yaariyan Lifetime Collections | Box Office Collections (3 Weeks/21 Days)

Yaariyan Lifetime Collections : Closing in on good Lifetime Collection

Yaariyan lifetime collections were excellent. Keeping in mind that it had Dedh Ishqiya challenging it on the very same weekend, still Yaariyan over powered Dedh Ishqiya , a relatively smaller budget and less strong movie.

The movie grossed 29.5 Crores in its first week which are very good figures for such a small budget film. Yaariyan went forward and added around 6 Crores in its second week. The final week added a nominal 1 Crores to the box office collections.

Yaariyan’s  Collections were remarkably good as the critics have been non supportive of the movie. Yaariyan has been very stable in terms of collections.

Yaariyan is directed by Divya Khosla Kumar and has been in buzz because of its very happening musical track. What works for Yaariyan is probably the youth quotient and nice penetration thru its music. So, now it is for sure that Yaariyan will be first hit of the year.

Yaariyan Lifetime Collections - 40 crores - Superhit
Rakul Preet Singh

Yaariyan was able to gross a total collection of around 17.5 crores in its very first weekend and has gone over 36 Crores so far.


Yaariyan Three Weeks Collections

Yaariyan Third Week Collections were as follows :

  • 21 Days Collections : 1.0 Crores (approx)

Yaariyan Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update (3 Weeks/21 Days)

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[spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]

  • First Day (Friday) : 6 Crores
  • Second Day (Saturday) : 6 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 6 Crores (Updated)
  • Fourth Day (Monday) : 3.5 Crores (Updated)
  • Fifth Day (Tuesday) : 4 Crores
  • Sixth Day (Wednesday) : 2.5 Crores
  • Seventh Day (Thursday) : 1.5 Crores
  • Eighth Day (Second Friday) : 1.3 Crores (Updated)
  • Nineth Day (Second Saturday) : 1.4 Crores
  • Tenth Day (Second Sunday) : 1.4 Crores
  • Eleventh Day (Second Monday) : 0.6 Crores
  • Twelfth Day (Second Tuesday) : 0.4 Crores
  • Thirteenth Day (Second Wednesday) : 0.4 Crores
  • Thirteenth Day (Second Wednesday) : 0.4 Crores
  • Fourteenth Day (Second Thursday) : 0.3 Crores
  • Third Weekend : 0.5 Crores (collectively)
  • Third Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) : 0.5 Crores (collectively)
  • Overall Collections : 36.3 Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 6 Crores
  • First Weekend : 17.5 Crores
  • First Week : 29.5 Crores
  • Second Weekend  : 4.1 Crores
  • Second Week : 5.8 Crores
  • Third Weekend : 0.5 Crores
  • Third Week : 1.0 Crores
  • Overall Collections : 36.3 Crores


Yaariyan Movie Details

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