Who is the most underrated Bollywood actor?
Who is the most underrated Bollywood actor?

We have a lot of talent in Bollywood that’s gone unnoticed or has been underestimated. Though underrated does not mean being less popular or not being called a star or one who doesn’t churn out blockbusters.

No, by underrated we simply mean those actors whose value Bollywood has not been able to understand quite well yet. So, here’s our list, take a look and cast your vote-

1. Jimmy Sheirgill

Most underrated Bollywood actor - Jimmy Sheirgill

Jimmy Sheirgill started his career with famous movies like Maachis & Mohabbatein and caught a lot of attention. But later on stranded into roles which never truly reflected his acting skills. Though in the recent past, he’s got some pretty good movies like Special Chabbis, Tanu Weds Manu.

2. Atul Kulkarni

Most underrated Bollywood actor - Atul Kulkarni

The Rang De Basanti and Delhi 6 fame actor, Atul Kulkarni is a superstar in the Marathi film circuit, especially after Natarang. But he has never really got to show his true potential in Bollywood except in Rang De Basanti. Do you know he has won the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for Hey Ram and Chandni Bar?

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3. Sushant Singh

Most underrated Bollywood actor - Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh is most famous for Sukhdev’s role in The Legend of Bhagat Singh. His other stints being 16 Dec, Satya, Yeh S**li Zindagi. He can do a lot better and he deserves a lot better.

4. Sharman JoshiMost underrated Bollywood actor - Sharman Joshi

We started loving him from Style and Excuse Me. We loved him even more in Golmaal and we loved him the most in 3 Idiots. In each of his movies, Sharman Joshi has proved his acting skills but unfortunately, he has not a lot of good offers. We totally think he can pull off a movie all by himself if everything is done correctly.

5. R. Madhavan

R. Madhavan is also underrated as per his standards.

It will be really unfair if don’t include R. Madhavan in this list. He is one of the most talented actor industry has produced in recent times but often overshadowed by other factors of film. He is one of the top-class actors in the industry.

6. Ronit Roy

Most underrated Bollywood actor - Ronit Roy

Known as the ‘Amitabh Bachchan of Small Screen’. Ronit Roy proved his mettle as the abusive father in Udaan, he did it so well we started hating him. He was also good in Ugly. He’s sexy, he can definitely act, then why the hate Bollywood?

What do you feel guys? Who is the most underrated Bollywood actor?

Kindly vote and comment below.

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