Joker Sequel Officially Confirmed

Umesh Kumar

June 8, 2022



Todd Phillips just confirmed the sequel to the 2019 hit Joker.

Joker sequel is officially in the works. Director Todd Phillips has revealed the title for the sequel. It wil be called Joker: Folie à Deux.

Phillips, who directed and co-wrote the first movie Joker has teamed up again with co-writer Scott Silver for the sequel.

Though there is no update on the script details, Folie à Deux is defined as a delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association.

Set in 1981, Joker served as an origin story of Arthur Fleck, a failed and lonely clown and aspiring stand-up comedian in the Gotham city whose descent into insanity inspires a violent counter-cultural revolution.

Joker was heavily inspired by Martin Scorsese's movies like Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy.

It grossed over $1 billion, the first R-rated film to do so, and became the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2019.

Tod Phillips directional received multiple awards. It went on to earn 11 nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards, winning Best Actor and Best Original Score.