Virgin River Season 3: Netflix Release Time and A Quick Season 2 Recap
Virgin River Season 3 Release Date and Time

The hit Netflix drama ‘Virgin River’ is returning for its third season on July 9, 2021. Here’s what happened in the show so far.

So, are you ready for the next season of Netflix’s hit drama series Virgin River? Ever since its debut in Dec 2019, Virgin River has emerged as one of the favorite drama shows on Netflix. The second season of the show landed on Netflix on Nov 27, 2020, and since then the fans are eagerly waiting for the third chapter. The fans are happy that the third season is arriving sooner than they thought. Yes, Virgin River season 3 debuts this Friday, July 9, 2021. Before season 3 arrives let’s have a quick recap of the second season.

What happened in ‘Virgin River’ season 2? Spoilers ahead

Like the first season, we witness a lot of drama in Virgin River’s second season. Just when things were looking good for Mel and Jack, Charmaine (Jack’s ex), revealed she was pregnant with his baby. However, this doesn’t stop them from seeing each other. Throughout the second season, we see them supporting and caring for each other. Despite Charmaine is pregnant, Jack realizes that he’s in love with Mel, and after a few start-and-stops, it seems they are finally together.

Meanwhile, Hope and Doc reunite and start dating again but secretly. Hope supports Doc to start going out with Muriel, perhaps testing her once-unfaithful husband. However, this doesn’t look like a good move.

Elsewhere, Paige revealed her dark secret to Preacher that she was forced to change her name and escape to Virgin River from her abusive ex. Things get murkier when her abusive ex-husband Wes shows up in town and turns up violent towards her. She accidentally kills him while defending herself. Preacher helps her to cover up as she left the town consigning her son with Preacher.

In the finale of Virgin River season 2, Mel and Jack are together and Charmaine is devastated. She even warned to keep their babies away from Jack. Season 2 ends with Mel seeing Jack on the floor of the bar, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

What will happen in Virgin River Season 3?

Season 3 will pick up from where season two left us. The new trailer suggests that Jack survives the gunshot. So, in the next set of episodes, the identity of the shooter will be revealed. It would be interesting to see what lies ahead for Paige and Preacher. It is also hinted in the new trailer that a new love interest for Charmaine comes into the scene.

So, as expected, Virgin River Season 3 will be full of drama and engaging moments. Watch the trailer right here:

Virgin River Season 3 Netflix release date and time

Season 3 comprising 10 episodes premieres on Netflix on Friday, July 9, 2021. New shows and films usually drop on Netflix at midnight PST. So, Virgin River Season 3 will drop at 12:00 am on July 9, 2021. New content is released worldwide at the same time. Here is when Virgin River Season 3 will arrive in various time zones:

  • Central time: 2 am on Friday, July 9, 2021
  • Eastern time: 3 am on Friday, July 9, 2021
  • British time: 8 am on Friday, July 9, 2021
  • Central European time: 9 am on Friday, July 9, 2021
  • India time: 12:30 pm on Friday, July 9, 2021
  • Australia time: 4:30 pm on Friday, July 9, 2021

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