Will there be TVF Aspirants Season 2? Renewal status and latest updates
Will there be TVF Aspirants Season 2? Renewal status and latest updates

TVF Aspirants Season 2: The last episode of TVF’s Aspirants premiered today and the fans are already anticipating for second season.

TVF (The Viral fever) did it once again. The video on demand company has delivered one more gem with Aspirants. The fifth and final episode of TVF’s Aspirants premiered today and fans are congratulating TVF for brining another masterpiece to the Indian digital entertainment space. With the first season ending on a high with no loose ends, fans are wondering if the show would return for its second season. Will there be Aspirants season 2? Let’s try to find out.

Coming to TVF’s Aspirants first season, it ended on a high with no loose ends. All the questions raised in the initial episodes were answered in the final episode. All characters featured in the series have achieved what they destined for. It reached its climax with a positive ending, sharing some true life lessons.

So, in terms of content and story, the makers don’t have much left to show. Now coming to the other factors, the first season has ruled our hearts. Since its premiere on April 7, 2021, Aspirants is the number 1 show on the Indian OTT space. In terms of popularity, the first season has reached new heights. With an IMDb score of 9 out of 10 (around 1 lakh votes), Aspirants definitely deserves a second season.

Coming to TVF’s other popular shows, Kota Factory has been renewed for the second season. The first season premiered in 2019 and TVF took more than one year to official announce its renewal. Another popular TVF show ‘Pitchers’ hasn’t been officially renewed yet even after six years of season 1 premiere. TVF recently renewed its other popular shows ‘Girls Hostel’, ‘College Romance’ and ‘Hostel Daze’.

Now, the ball is in TVF’s court. Aspirants has received immense love and in no time it has became one of the top OTT shows of all time. The popularity of the show is definitely one of the driving factors for TVF to consider.

Aspirants Season 2: Release Date

Till now there is no official announcement from the makers about season 2. We are not even expecting an announcement anytime soon. TVF has a small team and it is already working on a lot of shows to be released in 2021. Even if Aspirants gets a renewal, expect season 2 to arrive only after 2022.

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