nexGTV - One Stop Entertainment
nexGTV - One Stop Entertainment

Feeling low? Switch on your favorite music channel and listen to some peppy songs to re-energize yourself. Having a family dinner? Switch on the movie channel and have a movie date with your family. Feeling hectic after a long day at the office? Switch on the comedy channel and laugh your brains out. Ever wondered your childhood without Shaktimaan, Pokemon, and Cartoon Network? Well, this though may have given nightmares to many. We can’t imagine our lives without entertainment.

As they say, ‘Ye duniya sirf 3 cheezon pe chalti hai – Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’ and TV is surely the mother of all entertainment.

Well, our lifestyles have changed and so have our timetables. Gone are the days when we used to have time to watch our favorite shows and movies on TV. It is an ‘on the go’ life and most of our time is utilized in offices, metro trains or buses. Well, there is no free time for entertainment and we dearly wish to have our best friend TV with us all the time.

It looks like our wishes have come true in the form of nexGTv app. Yes, as the name suggest nexGTv is a synonym for next generation TV. It’s like a TV button on our smartphone.

All you have to do is download this wonderful app on your mobile and let the magic begin. nexGTv in one word is your entertainment friend on the go. Stuck in traffic and don’t want to miss your favorite TV show?Just switch on live TV on the nexGTv app and enjoy the show. So next time on your long journey from Delhi to Bangalore, just explore the latest movies section of the nexGTv and let the fun begins.

nexGTv in simple words is all you need to get entertained. Be it trending videos, breaking news, TV shows,nexGTv is a premium entertainment destination for the non-stop generation.

nexGTv app has some interesting features like:-

  • New User Interface for enhanced viewing experience
  • 80+ FREE Live TV channels, Movies, Breaking News, Bollywood Masala, Comedy Zone and latest TV Shows
  • RESUME feature to watch movies and videos from where you left off
  • Full Screen Viewing with Play and Pause Options for Live TV
  • Content available as per Genre and Language
  • Advanced Search with Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for all channels
  • Easy Volume control & Interactive On- screen controls enable easy scrolling through channels and settings adjustment even while watching your favorite TV show
  • Quick switching between channels with Picture- in- Picture mode
  • Adaptive bit rate streaming allows you to adjust video quality according to internet speed
  • Social Connect and Sharing via Facebook and Twitter enables you to share what you are watching with friends.

Below are some screenshots from the live app to give you a better idea about it:

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So, what are you waiting for? give it a try on your smartphones now.