Toy Story 5

It seems that Toy Story 5 is making the rounds. Disney is yet to confirm the movie’s release, however.

It is well known that Toy Story movies always have flawless endings. Audiences thought Toy Story 3 was the best conclusion ever after its release in 2010.

Then, in 2019, there was Toy Story 4. Once again, fans loved its ending. So, we know from the history of the Toy Story movies, the fourth one may not be the final one.

As a result of Toy Story 4’s success, Toy Story 5 is likely on the cards. Here’s what we know about it.

Toy Story 5 Release Date

Toy Story 5 has yet to be confirmed by Pixar at the time of writing this article. Hence, at the moment, no release date has been confirmed. Currently, Pixar will release “Turning Red” and “Lightyear” in 2022. Also, a film with no title is due in 2023.

Also, it seems reasonable to assume that the release date of “Toy Story 5” is still several years off, based on those confirmations and the fact that Pixar films tend to take a long time to develop after their announcements.

It is reasonable to anticipate that “Toy Story 5” would debut during the summer months if it does eventually happen. It is no coincidence that the last two films in this franchise have premiered in the summer season. The movies have been huge box hits in the office.

Toy Story 5 Hints 

Tim Allen (per Deadline) has given a hint that the next Toy Story film might be possible. In addition, Allen said he would like to work in another film. But, Tom Hanks confirmed that the fourth Toy Story movie would be the series’ final instalment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. A Toy Story 5 is not ruled out entirely, however, according to producer Mark Nielsen.

In a recent interview, Annie Potts admitted that she has no idea whether there will be the fifth film, but she believes many fans will be excited to see what happens next.

The majority of actors will likely return to voice their respective characters if Toy Story 5 takes place in the future. But fans may have to wait a long time for the next movie. It took nine years for Toy Story 4 to be released after Toy Story 3 was released in 2010.

The first and second movies were also separated by four years. The 2nd and 3rd movies were separated by 11 years.

Toy Story 5 Plot

It’s impossible to give any concrete plot details at this point for “Toy Story 5” since it hasn’t been greenlit yet. A hypothetical sequel to ‘Toy Story 4’ could potentially explore a variety of themes, given where the movie left off.

Woody and Buzz say farewell to one another in the final moments of that film. Buzz becomes the full-time leader of the group alongside Jessie.

Woody and Bo Peep ride off into the sunset together. While Buzz and the other toys help Bonnie grow up, Woody is gone, leaving them with no choice but to work together.

This leaves Buzz in a position to assume leadership of the toys. A move away from those particular toys, however, may be interesting.

Bo and Woody live child-free lives now. In “Toy Story 5”, the mythology of toys could be explored even further to see how they live without children.

Furthermore, it’s worth keeping in mind that Lightyear will arrive in 2022. We thought it was impossible to do “Toy Story” spin-offs, but now we know that it can be done. So, it is possible that there might be some connection between the two.

Toy Story 5 Cast

As there is no announcement for Toy Story 5 yet, it is not possible to give details about the cast. Having said that, if Toy Story 5 happens and serves as a direct sequel to Toy Story 4 then it would feature some of its cast members. Tim Allen has always been excited about the fifth movie. So, we can expect him to return for Buzz Lightyear.

If you look at the Toy Story franchise, it has been evolving with the introduction of new characters. Toy Story 2 saw Joan Cusack join the cast as Jessie. In Toy Story 3, Kristen Schaal played Trixie. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key were cast as Bunny and Ducky, respectively, in Toy Story 4. So, if Toy Story 5 happens expect some new cast members to play brand new toys.

Final Words on Toy Story 5

So when is Toy Story 5 coming out? Not in 2022, it seems. There are already two Pixar projects slated for this year. Additionally, three untitled movies are scheduled for release throughout 2023 and 2024. It’s not likely that any of these will be Toy Story 5.

With the first two films arriving in November, and the follow-ups being released in June, the release month could really go either way. Toy Story 5 is likely to be released a few years from now. However, we shouldn’t let that take away our anticipation. Don’t you think so?