Top Celebrities Who are Also Known for Sports Bettors and Their Winning Bets
Wayne Rooney

Sports betting is arguably the most common form of online betting in the world right now. Its popularity has led to the emergence of online sports betting sites giving bettors enough options to choose from. However, some platforms like Betway88 have stood out from the rest because they seem to understand what their players need. Keep reading this piece to discover some top celebrities also known for their sports betting.

Pete Rose

Pete Parker is known for his involvement in the dark, more illegal side of sports betting. Rose was regarded as one of the greatest Major League Baseball (MLB) players of all time. However, he found himself in a legal mess for his betting dealings. The player had established himself as a 17-time All-star and also won three World Series. Rose is a holder of records like all-time hits.

However, he tarnished his legacy when MLB commissioner Pete Ueberroth declared that Rose was being investigated over serious allegations about gambling on baseball. He was later found guilty of betting on Cincinnati when he was their play-manager and when he was manager.

50 Cent

50 Cent is an iconic rap performer and a notable sports betting fan. He is reported to place regular bets on hockey and football. However, professional sports bettors acknowledged his exciting bets on NFC Championship in 2012. At the time, 50 Cent made one of the most notable bets the public has ever seen after winning 500,000 USD.

During the NFC Championship, the rapper was courageous enough to wager on the New Your Giants to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Apart from this massive wager, 50 Cent is also known to wager regularly on NFC and several other tournaments and disciplines.

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Wayne Rooney

Rooney is popular for his illustrious playing career that endeared him to sports betting. His performance inspired sports enthusiasts to bet on leading betting platforms, like Betway88, because of his match-winning performances. However, in case you didn’t know, there is also the other side of his lifestyle.

The former English striker revealed in an interview that he had made several big bets and a couple of gambling sessions with his friends.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

Floyd is one of the most popular sports bettors among celebrities. The boxing star and World Champion has made various statements concerning his wagering. The news of his bets went viral on the internet. If you’ve been following the boxing superstar, you will remember his 45,000 USD win on Colorado State with a 50,000 USD wager. This win made him so closely associated with real money bets.

Charlie Sheen

If you have been following Hollywood news, you are aware that Charlie Sheen is a troubled individual with a complicated history. Others might remember his drug abuse and HIV-positive status. However, he also revealed that he has a thing for gambling and betting.

Several reports reveal that he would spend up to 200 000 USD on betting every week. Other reports even suggested the Two and a Half Men star was planning to sign a deal with a sports betting platform.

Final Thought

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting. The popularity of sports betting has seen the emergence of great online betting platforms like Betway88, offering bettors competitive odds. These sports betting fever seems to have caught up with celebrities worldwide.