The Silent Sea Season 2: Netflix release date and renewal updates
The Silent Sea Season 2

Will there be The Silent Sea Season 2? Renewal update, possible release date and other details about Netflix’s Koren sci-fi thriller.

Netflix continues to surprise fans with South Korean content. After the grand success of Squid Game and Hellbound, the streaming giant ended 2021 on a glorious note with a sci-fi mystery thriller The Silent Sea. Upon its launch on Christmas eve 2021, the Korean thriller featured in the top 10 list in 88 countries. Though Netflix’s Korean thriller hasn’t been as thriving as Squid Game, the viewers are demanding its second season.

The Silent Sea follows a team on a mission to a deserted moon base to recover important samples. The sci-fi drama showcases the dangers its characters face in outer space. There is a lot of drama and tension in a story with a heavy backdrop of outer space. The series is directed by Choi Hang-Yong and is an adaptation of his own 2014 short film, The Sea of Tranquility. It’s been more than a month since the first season of the Korean sci-fi thriller debuted on Netflix. The viewers are thirsty for more episodes and are questioning if the show will be back for Season 2. Here’s what we know about the return of The Silent Sea on Netflix.

Will there be The Silent Sea Season 2?

As of Feb 9, 2022, there is no information about “The Silent Sea” getting a renewal for a second season. The viewership numbers are in the favour of the show. However, we need to understand that the opening season was an adaptation of a movie. So, the creators would require some time to pitch the plot for the next season.

Generally, Netflix renews the show for a new season after about two months of the arrival of the previous season. Though the show deserves a second season, the final decision has to be taken by Netflix only.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release date: When will it release?

Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet. If the streaming giant announces a new season in the next two months then we wouldn’t get new episodes until April 2023 at the earliest. Shows like The Silent Sea requires more time for post-production than normal shows. So, it would be a surprise if we wouldn’t get new episodes before 2024.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Cast

The first season stars some notable names of the South-Korean entertainment industry like Bae Doona (Sense 8), Gong Yoo (Squid Game) and Lee Joon.

The majority of the characters died by the finale’s end. Only three characters manage to survive the first season, and they were: Doctor Song (Bae Doona), Doctor Hong (Kim Sun-young), and Luna (Kim Si-A). The continuous disposal of characters was one of the big highlights and the first season. It kept the momentum and kept the viewers hooked to their seats. Some deaths were really shocking and one was that of Captain Han (Gong Yoo).

This means that the next season will mainly feature new cast members. Luna (Kim Si-a) would be the main character of the season. A mysterious girl is a sole survivor. She is the only one who can survive the toxic lunar water. It’s also her bite that saves Dr. Song (Bae Doona) from the deadly water.

What would be the plot of The Silent Season Season 2?

The first season comprises 8 episodes. The slow detailed drama answered almost all questions asked throughout the series. With most cast members perished by the end, it looks the creators had no plan to go ahead with more episodes.

At the end of the series, Dr Song, Luna and the remaining survivors head back to earth after being rescued. With the discovery of lunar water, which has the ability to multiply exponentially, there is an opportunity to solve the water crisis on earth. This very point could pave way for a new story.

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