The Protector Season 4 releasing on July 9, Here's Everything We Know
The Protector Season 4

Netflix renews season 4 of the Turkish fantasy drama series ‘The Protector’ releasing on July 9. Know about its cast, plot, trailer, and other latest updates.

The Protector is by far the first-ever Turkish original show that has become immensely popular on Netflix. This original show has currently three seasons streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately, ‘The Protector Season 4’ is going to be the final season and then it will be a wrap for the most popular Turkish drama. The attractive star cast and its plot have made the show gain international fame.

‘The Protector Season 4’ is going to premiere on July 9, 2020, only on Netflix. So, here we got you covered. We have all the necessary details you need to know about the season 4.

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The Protector Season 4: Release Date & Episode Count

The Protector Season 4 will premiere on July 9, 2020, on Netflix. It has been confirmed that season 4 will have ten episodes.

What is the Plot? & Season 4 trailer explained

This Turkish fantasy drama series has an interesting plot which makes it stand out from the rest and one of the reasons for its great success. When a young shopkeeper Hakan learns about his strange connectivity with secret ancient order, his life completely changes after that. As the plot continuous with his struggles to keep up with his responsibilities and unexpected new love.

The previous season 3 premiered this year on March 6. In season 3 was about Istanbul as the city succumbs to the virus. And, Hakan faces formidable immortal who seeks to possess the key to destroying the city who is eventually Vizier. Season 3 of The Protector ends with a cliffhanger as Hakan runs away and escaping the Bosphorus and to find himself in the body of the first Protector.

However, the trailer for season 4 dropped on June 17, and theories are piled up by fans ever since. According to the trailer, we’ll see Vizier and the Immortals rule over modern Istanbul. Hakan travels to the past to stop a war, and Zeynep to undergo a powerful transformation.

The former cast members are coming back while we do not have official confirmation about the new ones. Here is the list for cast members who are reappearing for season 4 as well:

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