The Kissing Booth 2 Coming To Netflix In July, Know About Its Plot, Star Cast & More
The Kissing Booth 2

A very popular teen comedy film, The Kissing Booth is on its way to Netflix with its sequel ‘The Kissing Booth 2’. A look at its release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know.

The Kissing Booth, a smash-hit Netflix film is based on a novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. What interesting is that Beth was only 15 years old at the time when she wrote this book and uploaded the episodes on Wattpad. Yes, you heard it right, a Wattpad story later becomes a most popular Netflix teen comedy film. It is rare to see how a passionate teenager’s project became a renowned Netflix movie. The movie is directed by Vince Marcello.

The Kissing Booth was released on Netflix on May 11, 2018. Despite receiving largely negative reviews from critics, the film was a big hit thanks to its wide consumption by viewers, Netflix announced its sequel on Valentine’s Day 2019. The Kissing Booth 2 is all set to release in July 2020. Here is everything you need to know.

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When The Kissing Booth 2 is releasing on Netflix?

Joey King announced on May 22nd on twitter that ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ will come to Netflix on July 24th, 2020. Later, she updated all her social media with the news. The announcement received lots of love and excitement from the fans globally. Joey King took part in a YouTube Live event on May 21. Watch it:

Release Date: July 24th, 2020, Friday

The Kissing Booth 2 star cast update

The former cast members will be returning for the sequel. Elordi has been confirmed to reprise his role as Noah, along with Joey King as Elle Evans. A look at the list of cast members returning for the sequel:

  • Joey King as Elle Evans
  • Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn
  • Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn
  • Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn
  • Morne Visser as Mr. Flynn
  • Meganne Young as Rachel
  • Bianca Bosch as Olivia
  • Carson White as Brad Evans

We will see some new face in the sequel. Here is a list of actors joining the star cast:

  • Taylor Perez
  • Frances Sholto-Douglas
  • Bianca Amato
  • Michelle Allen
  • Camilla Wolfson
  • Nathan Lynn

The Kissing Booth 2 Plot

The plot of this sequel can be expected as Elle facing friendship problems because of her quirky relationship with Noah who is her childhood best friend’s older brother. Because of Noah, the two best friends Elle and Lee will be seen facing friendship issues.

Also, the real relationship problem will start as Noah goes to Harvard while Elle is still in school. It is expected that the long-distance relationship would be at risk considering the fact that Noah is a popular and ladies magnet guy.

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Also, Elle ll have to juggle a long-distance relationship, getting into her dream college with her best friend Lee. Her close friendship with a handsome, charismatic new classmate named Marco (Taylor Perez) will bring more complications. This sequel should be more exciting and unravelling of some interesting plot.

The Kissing Booth 2 trailer

The trailer of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ is not out yet but it will probably release in the month of June. For the time being, you can watch this never-seen-before deleted scenes from the first movie:

Beth Reekles, the author of The Kissing Booth, wrote the sequel novel called The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance which came out in January 2020. She has confirmed that the movie will be based on the book.

If you haven’t, watch ‘The Kissing Booth’ on Netflix now. Stay tuned for more such latest updates.


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