The Flash season 7 episode 12 release date, trailer and latest updates
The Flash season 7 on The CW

The Flash Season 7 Episode 12 release: The show is taking a temporary break. Here’s when the show will return with a fresh set of episodes.

The Flash Season 7 is currently being aired on The CW Network. The Arrowverse show launched the seventh season on Mar 2, 2021, with its latest episode 11 aired on May 25, 2021. Now that the show has entered the halfway mark in the story it is telling, it is taking a short midseason break. It means that there is no new episode of The Flash airing next week (June 1, 2021).

The Flash season 7 episode 12 release date and break explained

Season seven is split into two “Graphic Novel” storyline arcs, known as the third and fourth graphic novel respectively. This numbering continues from the first two “Graphic Novels” we learned in season six. Coming to season 7, the first three episodes adapted the storyline from the second “Graphic Novel” that started in season six.

The recent episode of season 3 (episode 11) concluded the storyline of the third graphic novel. The second half will adapt the storyline from the fourth graphic novel as Barry Allen aka The Flash plans for the return of Godspeed.

Well, the fans have no need to worry as this is a short break unlike the first one of this season. This time the hiatus is just for a week. Episode 12 of The Flash season 7, titled Good-Bye Vibrations, will arrive on The CW on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. It will air on its usual time slot of 8/7c.

The Flash season 7 episode 12 trailer

The CW just released the trailer of the next episode and it promises an exciting second half. In the upcoming episode, we will see the original Team Flash, Barry, Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon reunite for one last mission.

The official synopsis reads:

“Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Kamila (guest star Victoria Park) tell the team they are leaving Central City. However, Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) don’t have much time to digest the news because a new version of Rainbow Raider (guest star Jona Xiao) strikes and OG Team Flash must join together one final time to save the city.”

How many episodes are there in The Flash Season 7?

The Flash season 7 started airing on The CW on Mar 2, 2021. The new season landed several months later than its scheduled date thanks to the pandemic. The show took its first season break in April 2021. After a break of two weeks, it returned to the screens on May 4, 2021.

The first four seasons of the American superhero TV series had 23 episodes each. Season 5 comprising of 22 episodes aired from Oct 9, 2018, to May 14, 2019. Season 6 was initially planned to have 22 episodes but was cut short to 19 episodes due to the pandemic.

The seventh season of The Flash has 18 episodes as revealed by the website The Futon Critic. With 11 episodes already aired, seven more episodes will air weekly on The CW starting from June 8, 2021. The Flash season 7 final will land on The CW Network on July 20, 2021.

Has The CW renewed the show season 8?

In Feb 2021, The CW renewed the show for the 8th and final season. It will premiere on The CW on Nov 16, 2021.

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