Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies 2017, 2018
Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies 2017, 2018

After Sunny Leone‘s demeaning interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, many Bollywood celebs came out in support of her. But there are still some who are giving her a lot of heat.

Recently, lyricist Prasoon Joshi jumped into the controversy criticizing Sunny Leone’s past profession saying “I don’t respect Sunny Leone’s profession. I wouldn’t want our youth to get inspired by her profession. Yesterday, Sunny Leone was on a visit to Lawman’s store in Mumbai and she was asked to comment on Prasoon Joshi’s criticism to which she said,

“I don’t know who Prasoon Joshi is. I will google him and then I will comment.”

Sunny was also asked about Aamir Khan’s comments on he would like to work with her and he didn’t have any issues with her past. She replied by saying-

“Even if I get the opportunity to work with him for a second, I would be the happiest girl in the world forever. Even if I am just passing behind, I would be very happy. I think it is any actor’s — whether it is male or female — dream to work with such an amazing person and such an amazing actor.”

Well said Sunny!

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