Sunny Leone finally broke her silence about the harrowing interview with Bhupendra Chaubey
Sunny Leone in an interview to CNN-IBM

“I felt completely Alone…and no one was helping me out” said Sunny Leone about her harrowing interview with Bhupendra Chaubey.

Sunny Leone‘s interview with CNN IBM’s senior journalist Bhupendra Chaubey has been the most viral video for the last few days for all the wrong reasons. Bhupendra Chaubey asked her a series of sexist questions and decided to go to any extent to insult her choice of career as a ‘porn star’. But Kudos to Sunny Leone for taking it so nonchalantly and not losing her calm throughout.

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Recently, Sunny posted a video on Twitter thanking all her supporters and finally in an interview to HuffPost India she broke her silence about the matter.

Here are the Five things which she said:

1) On How, she felt during the interview?
“I am not the kind of person who would walk away from an interview. But having said that, I felt what was happening was not right at all. And I felt completely alone… and no one was helping me out. I felt upset because I never imagined this is what I may have to face.”

2) On why she didn’t walk out?
“But I will never back away. I will never let anyone get to me. I will never let anyone – man or woman – take me down. It was that spirit in me that made me continue with the interview. Also, if I walked away, I would prove every doubt he raised about me, everything he suggested about me and my past right. I was never going to let him do that.”

3) On feeling Confused?
“After the English version of the interview, he wanted to the same interview once over again in Hindi. So then I excused myself and said I will not be comfortable doing it. So he asked me a couple of general questions and we were done. I was feeling so hurt already. Like, this was not right at all. I thought he was a senior journalist and why would he do this? It was very difficult for me and I was upset and scared.”

4) On the overwhelming support, she has received?
“I realized, while watching the interview people felt exactly the way I felt while taking part in it”

5) On Aamir Khan?
It was such a sweet gesture on behalf of Aamir Khan to reach out to me. His support means a lot. Like I said in the interview, we work together, we don’t work together, I will still be a fan…