Special 26 movie Poster
Special 26 movie Poster

Special 26 review : The well-crafted late 80’s setup , good screenplay and blissful acting by  Akshay Kumar, Manoj Vajpayee and Anupam Kher makes Special 26 a really special movie

‘A Wednesday’ sets a standard for Neeraj Pandey and the best part is he lives up to it. Movie starts in late 80’s – car’s, clothes, hair styles, Only Vimal ad and specially importance of 100 rupee note all portrayed beautifully. Movie starts with a fake CBI raid by 4 SuperChors lead by Akshay Kumar & Anupam Kher.  From there movie weaves on how smoothly the superchors have been faking as Income Tax & CBI teams and conducting raids on people involved in black money. In a nutshell first half sets an interesting suspense tone for the movie.

Second half lives up to the expectations set by the first half. We see Manoj chasing the superchors and it is interesting to watch how the movie wraps up in the end. The Special treat of movie is how characters of Jimmy Shergill & Divya Dutt turn around in end; Special 26 is nice smooth thriller suspense from start to the end.

Not ignoring some superb acting by Anupam Kher, movie is primarily about Akshay Kumar and Manoj Vajpayee. Manoj Vajpayee proves that he is no less than any existing Bollywood superstar and Akshay Kumar proves that behind those glamourized roles the actor in him is still alive.

But the real winner is the screenplay and direction of the movie. Just check the superb chase scene which introduces Manoj Vajpayee across CP, it leaves you for wanting more .Another superb scene is when Akshay and Anupam interview prospective candidates  for their heist.

Pros: Everything seems perfect in Special 26. The performances are A class, direction is impeccable, cinematography is top-notch, background music is just awesome.

Cons: Unnecessary romantic angle, disturbing songs and love sequences almost flattened the first half.

Verdict: If it is still not clear for you whether to watch this or not. We would only say that Special 26 is special in many ways. It is a perfect con movie with all ingredients of superb entertainer.

Blogtobollywood goes with 4/5 for Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26. Don’t miss it.


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